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Rosenthal designer

Sabrina Setlur



Sabrina Setlur was the figurehead of German female hip-hop in the 90tes. In 1995 she advanced at the top of the German charts as "Schwester S" with her song "S ist soweit". Under her own name she came out with "Die neue S-Klasse" in 1997. In 1999 she cooperated with the British group Faithless and published her third album "Aus der Sicht und mit den Worten von ...". Setlur was awarded the Echo as "Best national actress". In the movie "Anatomie" starring Franka Potente she is playing a minor role. Setlur designed for the "Celebrity Art" of Rosenthal studio-line her V.I.P.-Plate. Five percent of the proceeds will go to UNO Flüchtlingshilfe (Refugee Aid) according to her wishes.

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