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Sustainability at Rosenthal

Achieving climate neutrality and transitioning to sustainable business practices are two of the most important challenges we face today. At Rosenthal, we prioritize this "Green Transformation" and have already made significant progress towards our goals. Discover our accomplishments so far and our plans for the future.

Green Transformation? Challenge accepted!

Achieving climate neutrality poses a significant challenge, but we are committed to doing our part in creating a better future for coming generations. We take responsibility for our actions, striving to be ecologically, economically, and socially responsible. It is not an overnight process and requires continuous effort: a little every day, and a little more on the next.

Our porcelain: a natural product

For over 140 years, Rosenthal has been creating long-lasting, high-quality porcelain products made entirely from natural materials that do not emit any harmful substances. Not even at the end of their service life.

To our porcelain products  


Process optimisation

Our company operates in manufacturing and utilizes resources. However, we have prioritized minimizing and optimizing our consumption.

We established this objective years ago and have consistently implemented measures to enhance our corporate processes.

Nature shot of deciduous trees reaching into a blue sky in a sunny mixed forest.

We are on track

One of our primary goals is to replace the natural gas we still need for our porcelain firing with a regenerative alternative to reduce our CO2 emissions further. We are collaborating with research institutes, the Ceramic Industry Association and our partners to develop the necessary technical requirements and ensure the availability of this regenerative option.

In addition, we actively participate in multiple networks to consolidate knowledge and collaboratively propel technical improvements and innovations.

The picture shows a bird's eye view of a road leading through a forest.


More than environmental protection

Corporate sustainability involves more than just protecting the environment and climate. It also includes the social aspect of sustainability, such as diversity in the workforce. At our company, we value our employees and recognize that their different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences enrich us and contribute to better outcomes.

We take pride in having a diverse workforce, with representation from 24 different nationalities. Our intercultural teams work well together, creating a workplace culture that is inclusive. We also exceed the legally required quota of severely disabled employees, with a 10% representation.

Our commitment to diversity will continue to drive our success in the future.

The picture shows a collage of a face composed of many fragments of people of different ethnicities, genders and ages, symbolising the topic of "diversity".

Voluntarily certified: Our integrated management system

For years, Rosenthal has utilized an integrated management system to take a holistic view of our corporate processes and continuously improve them. We have voluntarily obtained certifications in quality, environment, and social responsibility.

Independently audited

To continuously comply with the current standard, our management systems are regularly reviewed by independent bodies within the scope of monitoring audits. Once a year, external auditors evaluate our processes in each area for conformity to standards and verify the achievement of the targeted objectives. Through these audits, lasting several days, and the assessment by independent third parties, we ensure continuous improvement of our business processes following international standards.

The image symbolises the area of "ISO certifications" and touches on the areas of quality and safety in business processes by depicting folders, checklists, assessments and similar symbols.

Green icon for social responsibility management: Two hands hold a leaf in a protective gesture.

Since 2019

Certified social responsibility management system

The processes for fulfilling our social responsibility in all our business activities are audited in accordance with the SR 10:2015 standard.

We are committed to acting ethically on the basis of compliance with all laws and other requirements applicable to us and to protecting human rights. These principles are respected in all decision-making and operational processes. We uphold our social responsibility towards all our stakeholders (such as employees, suppliers, partners, customers, authorities, society).

We have set down our values and convictions in our code of conduct ("Rosenthal Code of Conduct"), and we ensure that our suppliers comply with it as well.

Certificate at: rosenthal.de/social-responsibility

Green icon for the environmental management system: one hand holds the globe.

Since 2017

Certified environmental management system

The environmental impact of all our activities and business processes is audited according to ISO 14 001:2015.

We are committed to operating in the most environmentally friendly way possible. To this end, we record and balance all consumption (electricity, gas, water) and set targets to reduce these resources' consumption. This enables us to minimise our production-related environmental impacts and avoid environmental risks.

Consistent waste separation and continuous waste reduction are a priority in all our operating processes and at all our sites.

Certificate at: rosenthal.de/umweltmanagement

Green icon for the quality management system: a checklist with a "done" tick.

Since 1997

Certified quality management system

The quality of our business and production processes is audited according to ISO 9001:2015.

We constantly optimise our workflows through regular documentation, analysis, and evaluation of our essential operational processes. Through this continuous review, we ensure the best possible efficiency of our business operations, achieve continued progress in all internal company areas and confirm our quality awareness.

What does this mean in concrete terms for our processes? In addition to systematic inspections of incoming raw materials and the continuous monitoring of our production processes, we guarantee after-sales services for all brands and distribution channels. Our products also undergo a 100% manual final inspection.

Certificate at: rosenthal.de/qualitaetsmanagement

Green icon for energy audit: a power plug whose cable ends in a leaf.

Energy efficient thanks to energy audit

Furthermore, we have an energy audit according to DIN 16247-1.

Due to our production processes, we work in an energy-intensive industry. Therefore, we must sustainably reduce our CO2 emissions by acting as energy-efficiently as possible. We are achieving this by identifying potential for improvement in production to continuously reduce our gas and electricity consumption.

We have succeeded in constantly and sustainably improving our energy efficiency: among other things, through 100% green electricity at all locations, heat recovery, our own combined heat and power plant, LED lighting, intelligent control, use of e-mobility and much more.

More about Rosenthal

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