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Let our products inspire you to take joy in the process of giving presents to your loved ones and to make your own home more beautiful.

Rosenthal has stood for innovation and design, quality, sophisticated craftsmanship and perfect porcelain for over 140 years. In cooperation with designers, artists and architects, such as Walter Gropius, Raymond Loewy, Patricia Urquiola or Christophe de la Fontaine unusual, timeless and modern collections of porcelain have been produced for households and gastronomy that express an individual and exclusive table culture.

Timeless classics & modern favourites
Dining Collections

The Rosenthal Dining sets come as a benchmark for any stylish table and home decor. Shaped by a sophisticated tradition of design and impartial to any fast-paced trends, they are both expression of a sovereign lifestyle and a strong foothold for the staging of your individual table ideas. 

 It is therefore no coincidence that especially the eternal "Maria” is one of the most comprehensive and most popular sets in the world. But also the graceful zest for life that the coffee, tea and dish set "Sanssouci” by Rokoko inspires is perfectly suited for the delights pertaining to a new cuisine. And this in any case applies to modern classics like "Junto” and the confident "Nendoo”, of course. 


Dreamlike objects made of porcelain & glass

The exquisite vases from Rosenthal are so varied that there is something for every taste and style of living. The "Node" vase intertwines to form a flowing knot, while the "Fast" vase creates dynamic contrasts.The "Phi" vase collection by Cairn Young is geometric and modern, while "Squall" by Cédric Ragot plays with movement and freezes it in porcelain.


Extraordinary gift ideas made of porcelain
Objects & Gifts

Whether it's a birthday, wedding, confirmation, anniversary or passing an exam...there are endless reasons to make someone happy – with an extraordinary gift from Rosenthal!


Swarovski x Rosenthal

SIGNUM Collection

Passion for the material and expertise in producing exclusive designs unite Rosenthal and Swarovski and lead to the outstandign SIGNUM collection in four beautiful colours.

Discover SIGNUM  
Oppulence with the iconic head of Medusa

Rosenthal meets Versace

Versace and Rosenthal are both recognized as brands synonymous with excellence and high quality. Together they have developed elegant, refined and exciting tableware and gift collections. Inspiration for these is derived from different historical periods and cultures.

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