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The Rosenthal breakage warranty

"Broken crockery brings you luck", as the saying goes. But if a favourite Rosenthal piece breaks, that is little consolation. Because we want you to enjoy your favourite Rosenthal porcelain to the full, we offer you a free breakage guarantee for your future purchases. So that broken pieces bring happiness - not tears.

Enjoy Rosenthal porcelain carefree - thanks to the breakage warranty!

We want you to enjoy our crockery and products day after day - worry-free! Because we take care of the little mishaps of everyday life!

We offer you the opportunity to register Rosenthal porcelain items purchased after 30 September 2023 in our Rosenthal online shop or from selected authorised dealers with us and thus receive a free replacement in the event of breakage.

To take advantage of the breakage warranty, you must register your items within three months of purchase using the following link:


Details of the breakage warranty and frequently asked questions can be found below on this page, the warranty conditions can also be found at rosenthal.de/breakage-warranty-conditions

Questions & answers about the Rosenthal Breakage Warranty

How exactly does the breakage warranty work? Which items can be covered, in which countries is the guarantee offered and how long does the free cover last? Below you will find the most important questions and answers about the Rosenthal breakage warranty.

In which countries is the breakage warranty offered?

We currently only offer the breakage warranty in Germany (billing and delivery address in Germany).

Who can apply for the breakage warranty?

The breakage warranty can only be applied for Rosenthal items that were purchased via the official Rosenthal online shop (at https://www.rosenthal.de/en-de/) or from one of our certified partner shops (list available here and in the registration process). Accordingly, the order number must be provided when registering for the breakage warranty (if purchased at the Rosenthal online shop) or a photo/scan of the receipt (if purchased from a certified retailer) must be uploaded.

We grant the breakage warranty for private use and intended use of the items. Accordingly, we cannot grant the breakage warranty for commercial use, e.g. catering, work canteens/kitchens, commercial holiday homes, etc. or for improper use.

Which items are covered by the breakage warranty?

All porcelain items (including the bone china, stoneware or ceramic series) of the Rosenthal brand can be registered for our breakage warranty. However, glassware (drinking glasses, glass vases), limited edition items and all items from the "Rosenthal meets Versace" and "Swarovski x Rosenthal" brands are excluded from the warranty.

How long is the warranty valid for?

We guarantee the replacement of a damaged item for up to three years from the date of purchase.

In the event of breakage - what is the next step?

Has a product registered for the breakage warranty been broken or severely damaged within the three-year warranty period? Please take photos of the affected item, on which the item and the Rosenthal brand stamp can be recognised as well as the damage. Then send the photos, stating your breakage warranty registration number (this can be found on your breakage warranty certificate) and a brief description of the damage, by e-mail to Onlineshop@rosenthal.de. Our customer service will deal with your enquiry immediately.

In the event of breakage - do I have to send in the broken item?

In most cases, a photo of the breakage/damage is sufficient. However, this is decided on a case-by-case basis by our customer service. If the damage or the originality of the item cannot be recognised beyond doubt on a photo, it may also be necessary to send in the broken parts. You will then receive a free return label from our customer service.

What happens if the item to be replaced is no longer available?

We will endeavour to replace the broken item 1:1 if possible. If the item for which you have registered the breakage warranty is no longer available, we will provide you with an alternative product of our choice as a replacement.

What are the exact terms and conditions of the Rosenthal breakage warranty?

You can view the exact warranty conditions here.

The Rosenthal breakage warranty

Register items or submit a warranty claim now

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