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Since 1916 the name “Maria” - stands for one of the most popular and successful porcelain sets. For generations, this has been the porcelain for weddings and other festivities: stylish and timeless. The charming elegance of this form originates mainly from the neo-classical shape and the balance of classical and romantic elements, like the delicate, finely curved pomegranate relief. A silver tea set from 1815 was the inspiration for “Maria”. The company founder, privy councillor, Philip Rosenthal senior, acquired the tea set on a journey to England. It was named after Philip Rosenthal’s wife Maria. Showing Biedermeier style details, a pomegranate relief frames the neo-classical, polygonal shape of the set. Right angled contoured handles and pronounced angularly shapes with their light and shadow play defines the set’s distinctive character. By the “2’s” and “3’s”, “Maria” had grown to a large set with about 17 different pieces. To this day, “Maria” is the most substantial table set of the Rosenthal classic. The “Maria” table sets are completed with a variety of vases, bowls or candle holders.
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