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MUCA cups in the four colours lined up next to each other and filled with soup and parsley stand on a wooden board in front of a dark background bearing the lettering "muca" in the colour purple.

MUCA - a mug that fits your lifestyle

A mug is a mug is a mug... not at Rosenthal! Unique relief structures and natural colouring make our new MUCA mugs something very special!

Mix it

...with any interior style!

The subtle earth and natural tones bring out the modern minimalist relief structure and make our MUCA mugs a visual all-rounder. Whether Scandinavian cool, timelessly elegant, hyper-modern or with a vintage look - the MUCA set suits every personal interior style!

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...in so many ways of use

Our modern MUCA Mugs have what it takes to become your favourite tea or coffee cup, but they could also serve as chic breadstick holders or a vessel for slurping delicious soup. We have some MUCAs in our offices that we use for planting fresh herbs, serving fresh fruit salad or, quite simply, for storing pencils.

Colour glazed

...in Rosenthal made colours

MUCA's aesthetic is stripped down to the essentials and inspired by nature. The colours Cloud, Forest, Wood and Stone give the collection a natural, yet urban and modern look. A fine relief from designer Sebastian Herkner gives the porcelain a recognizable structure: fine lines, sometimes lengthwise, sometimes across or crossing each other, adorn the MUCA mugs.

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Close-up top view of a table laid with Mesh plates and glass, cutlery, pears and olives in a bowl.


...with the Mesh collection

The MUCA mug set can be used and combined in many ways, a real dream team results from the combination with Dining Collection Mesh, which forms a visual unit with MUCA thanks to natural glaze colours and the refined line decor.  

The MUCA mugs are available in a set of four natural colours and are an ideal match for Mesh Mountain or Mesh Cream.


€ 59,00
MUCA mugs in Wood and Stone filled with grissinis stand next to a plate of raw vegetables on a concrete background.
Dreamteam with Mesh
With their colouring and structure, the MUCA mugs are a particularly harmonious addition to the popular Mesh Dining Collection.
Close-up view of Mesh plates of different sizes in Cream and Mountain, stacked on top of each other.
Natural colours
Mesh collection in a soft colour mix of Mesh Cream and Mesh Mountain.
Side view of a MUCA cup in Wood, filled with Grissinis.
The round, compact shape makes MUCA a real treat to hold in your hand, and it's a pleasure to use it every day - it doesn't always have to be coffee!
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View from above of a table set for two with the Mesh Dining Collection, Mesh glasses, cutlery and served with pears, grapes, walnuts and baguette.


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