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In the mood for spring

Vesi Vases

There is probably nothing that conjures up more spring in our homes than a fresh flower arrangement, rich colours and lively greenery. The perfect setting for this is our Vesi vase collection. Mikko Laakkonen developed a modern, unobtrusive design in cooperation with florists, which convinces above all with its functional and timeless variety. Anna Gramsch, florist, shows us how to style Vesi for the spring season.

„Most of all, I love the smell of the spring flowers in our shop. As inspiration for my work, I am influenced by the colours of spring. For me, no spring bouquet can be too colourful.“

Anna Gramsch

Function reinterpreted

Vesi as a plant pot

Why use a vase only for fresh flowers? Anna asked herself this question and transformed our Vesi directly into a plant pot. Especially in spring, bulbous flowers lend themselves well to being used indoors - "as the first messengers of spring", says Anna. Moss to cover the soil or small decorative elements can be added as desired. A clear advantage: the plants in the vase last much longer than cut flowers.

unconventional & creative

Easter wreath meets Vesi

Think of the traditional Easter wreath a little differently! Instead of placing it on the table, Anna drapes an arrangement of twigs around our favourite vase! Birch twigs are particularly easy to tie into a wreath. A real eye-catcher and guaranteed to be a welcome gift at Easter!

Take a look at Anna's nursery....


The perfect vase for every flower!

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