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Rosenthal designer

G.F. Ris


*1928 - †2005

Günter Ferdiand Ris was one of the internationally acknowledged German sculptors. His works are characterised by the objective to translate natural phenomena abstractly into the most suitable material (wood, steel, porcelain). Ris had been working for Rosenthal since 1967. For the limited art edition he created »Relief« (50 pieces). For Rosenthal furniture line he developed in collaboration with Herbert Selldorf the »Sunball«, an outdoor furniture object with two flexible overlapping hemispheres that can be closed and opened for the purpose of relaxing and sunbathing. In the entrance hall of Castle Erkersreuth Ris had created a porcelain environment, which becomes animated through the light composition by Günter Dohr and the sound composition by Hans Werner Henze.

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