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Rosenthal designer

Otto Piene



Otto Piene, painter and object designer, is one of the well-known German light kineticists and co-founder of the artists' group "Zero" in 1958. Piene uses light as artistic medium in order to achieve two-dimensional (painting) and three-dimensional (sculptures) effects. Piene has been working for Rosenthal since 1972. For the limited art edition he created the objects »Goldbogen« (100 pieces), »Regenbogen« (200 pieces) and the light objects »Lichtkubus« and »Lichtstele« (999 pieces each) as well as with the series "Hommage | Philip Rosenthal" the relief »Regenbogen für Philip Rosenthal« (49). In 2004 he created a V.I.P.-Plate for the "Celebrity Art" collection of Rosenthal studio-line. Five percent of the proceeds will go to "Asphalt e.V." according to his wishes. In 1973 he decorated the facade of the Rosenthal headquarters in Selb with a huge rainbow ("Regenbogenhaus" : Rainbowhouse).

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