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Rosenthal designer

Mario Bellini



Mario Bellini is a worldwide valued architect and designer. His broad spectrum of multifold honoured works ranges from ambitious architectural projects and interior design of cars to design of innovative office machines. Bellini has been working for Rosenthal since 1984. He designed the successful porcelain form »Cupola« and the matching stemware with the same name (together with Michael Boehm). In 1993 he designed the Rosenthal exhibition booth in Frankfurt made of precious materials: smooth grey limestone, frosted glass and dark, brushed steel. Awards: - Ehrenerwähnung Cevider (1986) »Cupola« - Design-Auswahl (1988) »Cupola«

The following categories were created or inspired by the artist

  • City Cups
  • Espresso Collectors Cups
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