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Rosenthal designer

O.H. Hajek



Otto Herbert Hajek is a lyricist among the "constructivists". A poetic mood underlies his works - paintings and sculptures - and they are meant to make the environment perceptible and more humane by the use of colours. This is his contribution for a "visual protection of the environment". Hajek has been working for Rosenthal since 1967. He created the relief »Farbwege 67:19« (100 pieces) and the artist plate No. 18 »Farbwege durchdringen das Leben« for the limited art edition and for the "Hommage | Philip Rosenthal" the relief »Hommage an Philip Rosenthal« (49 pieces). In 1991 he designed for Rosenthal furniture line the cover »Künstlerbezug Nr. 5« for the »Flying Carpet«.

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