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DiVino glossyJuice glass

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14.50 cm
0.34 l
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Inhalt: 340 ccm
Höhe: 145 mm
Mit wunderbaren Gläsern das Leben genießen. An Ihren diVino-Gläsern werden Sie viel Freude haben. Sie werden gern damit anstoßen. Mit Vergnügen daraus trinken. Kenner und Genießer schätzen diVino-Gläser besonders, denn sie sind so geformt, dass sich der Geschmack der Getränke darin entfaltet. diVino-Gläser sind feingliedrig und dünnwandig, aber doch stabil und spülmaschinenfest.

Care information

Dishwasher safe glassware

Please note the following cleaning instructions for the items of this collection:
This glassware can be placed in the dishwasher!

This glassware should be placed at a slight angle in the dishwasher to ensure that no residue is left as the water drains. Care should be taken to lay the glass items in such a way that they do not knack into each other. When cleaning this high-quality glass in a dishwasher, choose a delicate wash at the lowest temperature and use a mild detergent. Do not use excess detergent.

The dishwasher should be opened immediately after every wash cycle to allow the hot stream to escape, thus avoiding corrosion of the glass surface.


Overall evaluation

5.0 | 1 Product rating

05.November 2018

We love these glasses. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful but their shape means even after 100 washes in the dishwasher they NEVER go cloudy. We've had some for years and just buy more when we have had too many breakages. Please, never stop making them!