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In the 140-year history of Rosenthal, various forms of visual expression overlap,” says Gianni Cinti, who was surprised by the treasures he discovered in the Rosenthal Archive in Selb. The Italian designer worked with porcelain for the first time and is fascinated.

While the decors Midas, Turandot and Dynasty differ strikingly from each other, a visual bracket made of gold tones holds the collection together. All three designs have in common Cinti’s extremely imaginative handwriting and the abstracted borrowings from Rosenthal’s history. He sees the decors as “new classics” passed down from generation to generation. Each of the three decor themes is understood as a holistic concept and complemented by matching drinking glass series and linen napkins from Rosenthal as well as cutlery and accessories from Sambonet in unusual colours.

Heritage Turandot

Western and eastern elements

Inspired by the opera of the same name by Giacomo Puccini, the Turandot decor is an homage to the 18th century chinoiseries, which already played an important role in the Rosenthal designs of the late 19th century. Gianni Cinti tells us that he had the idea for the complex decoration when he remembered a visit to the shore of West Lake in Hangzhou, China.

Heritage Turandot


The background for the poetic porcelain paintings is a white or dark blue background framed by a narrow gold rim. A lavish farandole of peony blossoms, bamboo and ginkgo leaves in delicate colours meets golden dragonflies.

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Heritage Midas

Everything turns to gold

The playful, baroque Rosenthal form Sanssouci forms the stage for the Midas decor, which is monochromatic in gold. While the fine lines on the handles of the coffee pot and sugar bowl are reminiscent of a classic gold rim, other collection items such as plates and espresso cups are completely immersed in gold.

Heritage Midas

Touch of gold

These are joined by pieces with distinctive patterns of twigs and leaves, which are laid on top of each other in layers and alternate between matte and shiny surfaces. In this way, a very sensual interplay is created when combined with the porcelain relief.

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Heritage Dynasty

Opulent decor and heraldic motifs

Birds, cornucopias and trees of life meet tendrils, flowers and cameos. The heraldic animals, fantasy creatures and plant arrangements inspired by the Orient, Renaissance and Art Nouveau are reminiscent of the Rosenthal family – Erkersreuth Castle, where Philipp Rosenthal founded the company in 1879 with a porcelain painting studio.

Heritage Dynasty

Family Traditions

Dynasty is an opulent decor with an elegant palette of black, chocolate brown and Prussian blue, accentuated by golden highlights and reminiscent of Gianni Cinti’s fashion work for Gianfranco Ferré. The luxuriant pattern covers the porcelain surfaces of tableware, candle holders and vases.

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About the designer

Giani Cinti (*1979) is at home in many worlds: in product design and fashion as well as in illustration and graphic design. He received his design education at the Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche in Urbino. Cinti works for companies such as Sambonet, Rosenthal and Pininfarina as well as for fashion brands such as Alberta Ferretti and Marithé + François Girbaud. Before becoming self-employed as a designer and consultant with his own studio in Milan, he worked for five years as an assistant to the Italian fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré. Gianni Cinti teaches design at the IED Moda Lab in Milan.

Rosenthal Heritage Collection

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