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Holiday mood with Junto

Whether you're looking forward to your next holiday or you're already trying to bring the relaxed feeling of your last break into your everyday life, the Junto collection brings home the laid-back lifestyle that we love so much from our holidays. The only question is: mountains or sea?

Mountains or sea? We love both!

Regardless of whether you belong to "Team Sea" or "Team Mountains" - with the numerous glaze colours and the exciting combination of fine porcelain and handmade looking stoneware, Junto adapts to any environment - and sometimes shines in Mediterranean aqua tones or adorns itself with the elegantly restrained colour palette of the eternal mountains...

La Dolce Vita

Once you have fallen in love with the sparkling blue of the sea, you will always come back. Skin warmed by the sun, the gentle sound of the waves and the relaxed attitude to life of the coastal inhabitants make us forget everyday life.

The predominant colour palette: blue in all shades, from the dark blue of the sea to the bright aqua tones of white-sanded bays....

Ocean Blue, Opal Green & Aquamarine

The combination of the colours "Ocean Blue", "Aquamarine" and "Opal Green" creates a real homage to the wonderful colours of the sea on the table.

The light-reflecting relief of the porcelain pieces is reminiscent of the hypnotic sparkle of the sun's rays dancing on the waves...

Rugged beauty

Far away from the noise of everyday life, we enjoy the minimalist grace of the mountains at dizzying heights.

Understated grey, dark slate or brown hues characterise the sparse landscape and bring peace to our minds. All the more radiant: the pink glow of a sunset...

Junto Pearl Grey & Slate Grey

Inspired by the reduced colour world of the mountains, we combine porcelain in soft "Pearl Grey" with the earthy-looking earthenware items in the dark slate shade "Slate Grey".

Rough natural linen and simple meadow flowers round off the natural table concept.

And, have you also been bitten by the wanderlust bug?

Get into the holiday mood at home with Junto!

Refined outdoor dining

A warm summer evening in the company of good friends and a delicious meal at a charming outdoor table... Discover inspirations for creative outdoor ideas that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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Enchanting summer picnic

Uncover the secret to the perfect picnic! Our YouTube video walks you through the process of creating stunning outdoor settings with Junto porcelain and stoneware. Evoke the spirit of summer with DIY ideas that will make your picnic a hit.

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