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Mini Vases+

FlowerTalk with Anna

What happens when you ask passionate floral experts to design small but expressive vases based on their own ideas? Let's find out. We'll start with florist Anna Gramsch, who interprets our miniature vases in her very own way. She selects flowers that highlight the strong personality of each vase and emphasise its design idea.

Iconic vase design meets vibrant flowers

In 2024, the Mini Vases+ will be available in six new colours and are modelled exactly on their large vase counterparts, which were created in collaboration with renowned contemporary designers. In other words, the little ones have picked up on the surprising shapes and structures of their big siblings.

Small masterpieces
Fascinating interplay of shapes and colours

Anna has come up with a unique selection of flowers for all twelve MiniVases+. She lets the shapes and colours of blossoms and foliage speak for themselves and sometimes also integrates the symbolism that is commonly associated with flowers. We're showing her and our favourites here.



Take a trip to the Gramsch garden centre

Mini Vases+

Available here and at selected retailers

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