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Qualitytime with Mesh

What better way to spend time together with your loved ones than over an extended brunch or a cosy dinner? No matter what you choose - the variety of the Mesh Dining Collection gives you room for your creativity.

View from above of different plates, platters and bowls from Mesh Cream and Mesh Mountain, arranged in a jumble.

Effortless, versatile and never boring!

With Mesh, good food and loved ones, time flies! It's handy that the Mesh collection with its varied colours and different shapes never gets boring and ensures variety on our tables...

Set table in the garden with different Mesh Mountain and Cream plates, Mesh glasses and fruit, nuts and baguette.

Looking for matching drinking accessories? No problem!

Mesh drinking glasses

With their special relief pattern in the glass base, the high-quality drinking glasses subtly pick up on the characteristic mesh line structure of the porcelain collection, making them the perfect addition to any mesh arrangement.

A must-have for every Mesh fan!

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MUCA mug set

A true enrichment not only for cold days! Thanks to the natural glaze colours and the refined line décor, the Mesh collection also forms a harmonious visual unit with MUCA!

The MUCA mugs are available in a set of four natural colours and are an ideal match for Mesh Mountain or Mesh Cream.

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