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Vintage Love

Maria en Vogue

"Maria" gets a new look in 2022. For the first time in its more than 100-year history, Rosenthal’s successful collection is now available in a contemporary version called "Maria en Vogue" with coloured glazes.


Maria is timelessly beautiful and now enchants – quite en Vogue – also in two fine pastel shades.

The delicate colour glazes „Pale Mint“ and „Pale Orchid“ underline the romantic vintage touch of the unmistakable porcelain classics and let themselves combine wonderfully harmonious with Maria white.

While the combination of the two colour glazes is inspired by the romantic fashion of the Regency era, with its empire dresses and playful details, which are currently also extremely popular thanks especially to the series „Bridgerton“, a silver tea service from England from 1815 was the creative inspiration for the polygonal porcelain form with its characteristic edge relief in the shape of a fruit garland with a pomegranate motif, which Philipp Rosenthal designed himself.

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The lightly muted "Pale Mint" with its delicate coolness creates fresh and serene accents at the table.

The colours are mixed according to a secret formula specially developed by Rosenthal, and the glazing process then gives each piece its own individual character.

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Forever Maria

The success story that is the »Maria« design began in 1916. The service was named after the wife of company founder Philipp Rosenthal; he married Maria, 35 years his junior, in 1916. »Maria« is synonymous with the history of porcelain and dining culture.

A good five million cups and fifteen million plates have been sold in the last 25 years alone - Maria is the best-selling tableware shape of all time and, with around 100 individual pieces, is still Rosenthal‘s most extensive table setting today. And the most beautiful thing about it: every now and then a new piece or, as with Maria En Vogue, a new look is added.


The powdery shade Pale Orchid brings with it the relaxing feeling of calm and elegance and leaves plenty of room for creativity and cosiness.

The following Maria articles are now available in the new "Pale Mint" and "Pale Orchid" variations: breakfast plate, coffee and espresso cup, dinner plate, soup plate, mug and cereal bowl.

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Some love stories are so beautiful that they are hard to believe. Like the one between Philipp Rosenthal and his wife Maria. It so happens that the privy councillor was so infatuated with her that he quickly named a porcelain set after her – without knowing that it would one day become a best-seller, selling millions of copies.

Even today, over 80 different individual items are available. »Maria« has enjoyed enduring popularity over the decades, and numbers among the most extensive and bestselling crockery designs of all time.












Timelessly beautiful and gracious, in a dreamy pastel blue - the Rosenthal classic Maria presents itself as a dazzling style icon in 2023.

In the modern colour glaze, the mysterious blue shade draws on influences from fashion and the elegant interiors of the past, giving the geometric shape a captivating look: the collection evokes the mysterious, the impossible, stands for romance and true love, it stands for the ongoing love story... of “Maria en Vogue”.

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Maria en Vogue

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