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Mesh it!

Each day brings with it new impetus, new possibilities and new freedoms. This is why »Mesh«, the modern dining collection by Rosenthal, brings a whole new definition to the concept of flexibility and achieves the incredible feat of combining apparent contrasts with a sense of light-heartedness.

Taste it!

Variety is the new constant in our kitchens. Today Spanish tapas with wine, tomorrow home-made lime sorbet and the day after tomorrow we will appease our wanderlust with an exotic Indian curry. »Mesh« will take you on a journey around the world – with light-heartedness and a touch of elegance.

Create it!

Unsurprisingly, Spanish designer Gemma Bernal, who originally comes from an industrial design background, found the inspiration for this innovative dining collection from an intense and highly enjoyable exchange with top chefs in her homeland of Spain. An insight into their professional kitchens was what motivated her to design »Mesh« with considerable attention to detail and a great many variations.

Colour it!

With »Mesh«, the tongue dances a samba and the eye performs a daring tango. The on-trend colours aqua, cream and walnut call to mind the freshness of the ocean, wild jasmine and aromatic Italian truffles, setting a racy contrast against the cool white.

Mix it!

»Mesh« is the master when it comes to mixing, radiating a creative interplay of aromas, ingredients and consistencies – sometimes creating an elegant, low-key dinner for two and at other times a cheeky mix of prominent colours and shapes.

Change it!

Free yourself from conventions! Flexible like never before, »Mesh« transforms the dining table, picnic blanket or barbecue into a stage for presenting simple food creations and lends new meaning to the word “versatility” with a range of oval, rectangular, round and square designs.

Expand it!

»Mesh« is like a good friend: generous with over 40 pieces, always good for a surprise with brand new cups and a range of square and round plates, and now always available for a good coffee and a chat, too, with a new sugar bowl and beautiful milk jug.

Burn it!

»Mesh« is the champion of the tableware series: made of tough stuff. A firing temperature of 1,400 degrees makes the innovative colour glaze even more resistant, easier to clean and, above all, gives it its striking colour intensity. The intentionally irregular glaze of the slightly depressed line relief generates fascinating light reflections and exudes an individual, handmade character with a wow factor.

Pimp it!

»Scenery« is harmony in vase form. The bottleshaped accessories, which are inspired by nature, are exceptionally eye-catching with their linear shape, elaborate colour gradient in orange–green or blue–green, and hand-rolled, shiny metallic bands – with or without mesh.

Love it!

You will fall in love with »Mesh« at first sight – and the second, and the third. It simply has everything going for it – looks, character and sensuality. This collection is a partner for life – come what may.

Smart Eating

Alexander Huber from Huberwirt, a historic restaurant in Pleiskirchen, Germany that has been running for over 400 years, has held a Michelin star since 2013. In his opinion, top-quality cuisine calls for top-quality porcelain. For him, »Mesh« was the optimum choice. “We looked long and hard for a range of tableware to suit our image and we found the perfect one in »Mesh«. Rosenthal has done an outstanding job with this range. We like the unusual surface of the porcelain but also the variety of very different shapes that can be combined with a wonderful effect.”

Huber describes his style of cooking as follows: “Interpreting our restaurant kitchen from a brand new, modern angle is my passion. I strive to harness the creative power of provincial cooking using regional ingredients. There are no specific rules to achieve this. The only thing that matters to me is that the dishes are down-to-earth, but this does not exclude international products. The harmony of tastes is the crucial factor.” He especially likes using the little bowls for some of his creative appetisers. “They’re amazing,” he says enthusiastically. And what does he serve in them? “Our pumpkin dishes or goat’s chees brown bread dough ball with pointed cabbage salad and cumin mayonnaise, for example.”

Hofmark 3
84568 Pleiskirchen

Goat’s cheese brown bread dough ball with pointed cabbage salad and cumin mayonnaise

Ingredients: 300 g brown bread without the crusts, cut into pieces, 140 ml milk, 2 eggs, 1 splash of tabasco, salt, pepper, coriander, 200 g soft goat’s cheese, chopped herbs, pepper, lemon zest, 1 egg yolk, sliced almonds, oil for frying

Soak the brown bread with the milk. Separate the eggs, add the egg yolks to the bread mixture and beat the egg whites until stiff. Season the bread mixture with the herbs. Finally, fold in the egg whites. Wrap the bread mixture in foil and cook in a bain-marie at 85 degrees for approximately 20 minutes. Unwrap the bread mixture and chop it up. Mix with the soft goat’s cheese, herbs and egg yolk to make a dough and season generously with lemon zest and pepper. Roll in the sliced almonds and fry in hot fat.

Pointed cabbage salad
Ingredients: 350 g pointed cabbage cut into fine strips, dressed with fresh horseradish, rapeseed oil, light balsamic vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper and possibly a pinch of cumin.

Cumin mayonnaise
Ingredients: ½ shallot finely diced, 80 ml white wine, cumin, salt, pepper, ½ tsp mustard, 1 cl gin, 1 egg yolk, 0.1 l rapeseed oil and possibly a splash of mineral water to dilute. Boil down diced shallot with white wine and cumin. Add egg yolk. Stir with mustard and rapeseed oil to make a mayonnaise. Flavour with gin and season with salt and pepper.

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