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Cleaning & Care: Kitchen Accessories

Dishwasher suitable Salt & Pepper Shaker

Other than its parts, this Salt & Pepper Shaker from the Thomas Kitchen series can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, we would actually recommend cleaning by hand.

Dishwasher suitable Mortar

This Mortar from the Thomas Kitchen series is dishwasher safe, without the pestle.

Lemon Squeezer for cleaning by hand

Due to its wooden handle, this Lemon Squeezer from the Thomas Kitchen series should be rinsed by hand, and then dried quickly after washing.

Thomas Knives

To prolong the enjoyment of your knives, you can easily wash them after use by wiping them with a damp cloth. The detergents for dishwashers contain particularly aggressive cleaning chemicals, which can damage the surface of the steel. Cleaning in the dishwasher can, therefore, dull the sharpness of the knife. Incidentally, the safest and best storage place in order to fully protect the knife blades is the knife block.

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