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»EQUILIBRIUM« by Edward van Vliet

The »Equilibrium« POMD’OR x Rosenthal Collection for the bathroom combines the creativity of the designer Edward van Vliet, with Rosenthal's many years’ expertise and excellence when it comes to porcelain production and the special design of POMD'OR. »Equilibrium« includes elegant bathroom accessories, bathroom furniture, and even a free-standing bathtub, which are furnished with matte and shiny surfaces, details that are nice to touch as well as with fine, genuine metal decorations. Choose accessories from classic white or fresh celadon green porcelain, combined with three metal colours: chrome, bronze or gold. Transform your bathroom into a designer oasis of well-being for the entire day: bright mornings, relaxed evenings and mysterious nights.

In the morning

You are entering the bathroom in the glistening light of the morning to gather energy for the rest of the day. Elements in chrome, combined with gentle colours and organic shapes, symbolise the morning in the »Equilibrium« Collection.

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In the evening

The evening bathes the day in warm light while you’re relaxing in the bathroom, refreshing skin and soul, with time standing still. The reddish colour of copper signifies the evening in the »Equilibrium« Collection.

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At night

During the mysterious darkness of the night, you can start dreaming during a bath, deeply inhaling precious essences that surround you. Gold, radiating like a full moon, represents the night in the »Equilibrium« Collection.

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The Designer

Edward van Vliet is part of a generation of contemporary Dutch designers that has claimed the international limelight. With his namesake design studio, he left his marks in both product and interior design for hospitality, residential, and office sectors. His work is characterized by a high attention to detail and a vast scope of influences that are mixed and matched to give spaces a remarkable level of expression. With twenty-five years of expertise in design and consumer behavior as well as his close cooperation with world-class design brands and manufacturers, Edward van Vliet brings a fresh mindset to destination design with results of the highest standard. His unique vision of colours and shapes and their many combinations have created a very original style that has charmed brands like Baccarat, Moroso, L’Oréal, Moooi, and Swarovski.

An Interview with Edward van Vliet

What would you highlight in regards to »Equilibrium«?

EVV: The collection, as a whole, is sophisticated, but maybe one of my favorites is the mirror, with its ribbed frame and reflection of light. I also love the washbasin on the green marble base. I hope the washbasin will soon be available in Celadon to make the collection complete.

What item is at the root of the collection?

EVV: The complete collection is so in balance that no one item is better than another . That is why the collection is called »Equilibrium«. Your creations are based on nature, colours and geometric or floral shapes.

How have you applied this extremely personal style to a collection of bathroom accessories and furniture?

EVV: We start each project creating a world. We build a context before we start designing. For this project we created a Waterworld. For us, this Waterworld is closely connected to architecture, the reason we work with natural materials, like stone, wood, and porcelain. There is always a strong link between architecture and geometrics. The colours used are directly related to nature. The Celadon green we use for this collection originated in old China.

How would you rate the experience of working on the same project with two different firms (Rosenthal and POMD’OR), which are also from two different countries (Germany and Spain), with you being from the Netherlands?

EVV: It is always exciting and inspiring to start up new collaborations. It also means all parties need to listen to one another very carefully to try to get on the same wavelength. In this case, I think, we succeeded and combined the strengths of each of the parties to achieve a great result. Porcelain is a very noble material for us and we love working with it. We are happy that POMD'OR initiated to work with Rosenthal for this particular project, as they are in our opinion one of the best in the world.

You have worked on many interior design projects for luxury hotels. Do you believe the POMD'OR collection can also be adapted to this type of project or, on the contrary, is it more oriented towards the private design lover?

EVV: The main reason we developed the collection is for luxury hotel projects, even before launching it a lot of architects already show interest.

Many of the items in the collection are made of porcelain. What difficulties are involved in working with this material?

EVV: We are used to work with porcelain for years, so for us it is not really difficult. We know the possibilities, but what we love about it is that you can really work in high detail.

By using porcelain, do you feel that this retrieves the concept of an old-style bathroom?

EVV: No, I do not think in those terms. Don’t change things that have proven to be right, but add new value. I strive to combine the good things from the past with innovative use of materials and techniques in order to create ‘future classics’. The atmosphere of the past and the quality of the present.

You say that your philosophy is based on nine design keys: patterns, layers, nature, cultures, tradition, materials, colours, treasures and light. How do you incorporate these concepts in your creations?

EVV: All these nine design keys are recognizable for my signature. Also, in this case, you see all the nine keys incorporated in the collection, they are all quite in balance.

Patrizia Moroso uses these words to describe you: "Edward has the eyes of a photographer, the sensibility of a musician and the power of an architect". Do you agree?

EVV: Totally, it is the best compliment I ever got and even more special coming from a person like Patrizia, one of the leading figures in the design industry.

Going back to the characteristics of your designs, hasn’t anyone ever told you that your work might bear a certain connection to the brilliant Barcelona architect, Antonio Gaudi, noted for being the leading figure of the modernist movement, with a large presence of geometric and floral shapes in his creations? Or do you see yourself closer to other designers or artistic influences?

EVV: In use of material I can imagine the comparison, but in shape and the use of pattern he is far more organic than I am. Also, my decorations always have a function and are related to one of the nine keys. When I use patterns it is to create layers, depth and connection to architecture and global cultures.

You have designed everything from sofas and armchairs, lamps, poufs and side tables to wallpaper patterns for leading firms such as Baccarat, Moroso, L’Oreal, Moooi, Bisazza, or Swarovski. What would you like to design that you have not done yet?

EVV: A luxury sailing yacht with the inspiration of the past and the comfort of the future.

How does a designer like yourself keep from running out of imagination for creating new objects, new concepts? What is the trick for coming up with new ideas?

EVV: I believe it is staying interested in whatever you do, whatever you see and experience. Be open-minded.

POMD'OR x Rosenthal

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