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Walter Gropius (1883-1969) founded the State Bauhaus in Weimar as a place for experimenting with integrated designs, so creating the foundations of modern architecture and design.

In 1963, many years after the Bauhaus was closed, he received an enquiry from Philip Rosenthal, son of the company founder and visionary chairman of the board: the commission to build the new Rosenthal production site at Rothbühl for the world-famous porcelain manufacturer in Selb. Not only did this project turn into a revolutionary and modern industrial building reflecting Bauhaus and, with TAC, one of the most successful porcelain series in the world, but also a deep friendship between two humanists who have changed our way of thinking and acting.


That co-operation with Walter Gropius is not only a milestone and a special treasure in the company’s history but also a significant part of Bavaria’s architecture and design history. Until this day, the Rosenthal porcelain factory at Rotbühl has been a sophisticated manufacturing site for Rosenthal porcelain in which craftsmanship, art and highly modern technology are united, following the Bauhaus ideas.



Exhibition at Rothbühl,

Opening hours:
On Saturdays, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
For groups open on request
Admission is free

one hundred.

This birthday must be celebrated!

Preferably with things inspired by Bauhaus that can be used and enjoyed well beyond the anniversary year – like a tea set! Rosenthal successfully searched its archive and found an original motif by Walter Gropius which the architect designed at the end of the 60s for the TAC tea set with his Boston office "The Architects Collaborative" – a true and beautiful discovery.

This design icon is now being launched as a limited edition with the stripes motif. The tea set, also designed by Gropius, with its distinctive geometric shapes, is made of porcelain that has been dyed black throughout, while the fine powder platinum lines create a charming contrast to the dark surface.


The anniversary edition will be complemented with the »Stripes 2.0« motif, an abstract reference to the original:

The decor is reminiscent of the Rosenthal Rothbühl site’s colours inspired by Bauhaus, taking up its façade elements made of exposed concrete in some items. Happy birthday, Bauhaus!

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bauhaus gadgets

The TAC design classic and the decor variant Stripes 2.0 will be the focus of a diverse gift collection in the Bauhaus year. As in the Bauhaus ideas workshop itself, the collection includes a wide range of modern accessories that reflect the formal and decorative design of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and appeal to fans and collectors alike.


Rosenthal Porcelain Collections

Rosenthal has stood for innovation and design, quality, sophisticated craftsmanship and perfect porcelain for over 130 years. In cooperation with designers, artists and architects, such as Walter Gropius, Raymond Loewy, Patricia Urquiola or Christophe de la Fontaine unusual, timeless and modern collections of porcelain have been produced for households and gastronomy that express an individual and exclusive table culture. Glasses, sets of cutlery, pots, kitchen helpers, furniture and accessories complement the fascinating world of products in the Living and Gifts sectors. Our products are found at specialist retailers in Germany and in more than 105 countries throughout the world.

Discover our entire range of well-designed cups, glasses, plates and sets of cutlery to match every occasion at the Rosenthal online shop, too. From a glamorous wedding to a relaxing BBQ evening or a stylish Christmas present, our brands Rosenthal, Rosenthal meets Versace, Thomas, Hutschenreuther and Sambonet offer tasteful and trend-conscious products that suit your lifestyle.

Let our products inspire you to take joy in the process of giving presents to your loved ones and to make your own home more beautiful.

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