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Rosenthal Interieur

  • Rosenthal Bay View now


    A little bay to snuggle into and feel good – designer Sebastian Herkner transfers this sublime image to a stylish and relaxed sofa concept for design fans and comfort lovers. Bay captivates with an incredibly impressive wooden frame made from oiled oak and fabric cover on which loose cushions can ...

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  • Rosenthal Be & Hold View now

    Be & Hold

    Modern in der Form, skandinavisch schlicht im Look und doch überaus präsent: Der Tisch Be und sein Begleiter, der Stuhl Hold, laden zum wunderbar entspannten Dinner ein. Mit einer Tischplatte aus Massivholz, fein gepolsterten Sitzschalen mit aufwändig per Hand genähten Bezügen aus Stoff oder Leder, einem filigranen, mattschwarzen Metallgestell und ...

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  • Rosenthal Bolbo & Fusca View now

    Bolbo & Fusca

    Impressive yet conveying a sense of lightness, the solid-wood Fusca dining table is perfect for dinner with friends and family. Supported by slim, wooden legs, the straight lines of the table top exude modernity and elegance. With a variety of woods, finishes and shapes, this custom design piece is perfect ...

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  • Rosenthal Boule View now


    With its understated shape yet imposing size, this Pulpo x Boule lamp is expressive like a sculpture in your room, giving beautiful warm light. The lamp will win you over with its material mix of two glass shades as well as a stand made of matte Rosenthal porcelain. Bubbles, streaks ...

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  • Rosenthal Fin & Riff View now

    Fin & Riff

    Not just the ergonomically designed silhouette of the Fin chair that is designed to impress. The pleasently roomy and comfortable seat surface, the elegant fabric or leather covers and the warm, shimmering brass of the chair legs make such an impression that you will not want to get up again ...

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  • Rosenthal Frame View now


    A frame made of amber-coloured wood forms the centrepiece of this large sofa. The linear and precise external structure lends support to the voluminous sofa, and the soft uoholstery entices you with welcoming comfort and cuddly softness. Large cushions made of fine material or leather, a particularly lavish seat depth ...

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  • Rosenthal Hue & Scope View now

    Hue & Scope - Faceted

    With their unique cutting techniques, colours, and pile heights, which recreate the texture and appearance of porcelain, the Faceted carpet range adds the finishing touches to Rosenthal’s exclusive interior collection of furniture, lamps, and accessories in the truest sense. The range was the outcome of a collaboration with the young ...

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  • Rosenthal Modular View now


    With the Modular Sofa, the name says it all. This sofa is optionally extendable and its clear, architectural lines, symmetrical proportions and finest, top-quality leather as well as fabric invite you to sit down for a long and comfortable rest. Available in trendy rosé or elegant grey, the seat module ...

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  • Rosenthal Nightingale View now


    With his unusual Nightingale design, Christophe de la Fontaine has taken a whole new approach to table lamp design. The lampshade is rotated 90°, turning the usual interaction between the light fitting and reflector on its head. The delicate porcelain body distantly recalls the look of an antique lantern. A ...

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  • Rosenthal Phi-Lamps View now


    Freeze, Spindrift, City, Manhattan, Snow – Rosenthal has translated five avant-garde textures by British designer Cairn Young into an exciting lamp shade collection and, together with the Swedish designers of the NUD collection, has created a lamp that offers many variations. The colours of the textile cable and the clear ...

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  • Rosenthal Scoop View now


    Scoop is an eye-catching piece of furniture for any room. Its organic shape is reminiscent of archetypes of nature and it radiates rest and relaxation onto all who use it. Whether the legs are drawn in or extended, the compact chair moulds itself perfectly to every body shape and also ...

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  • Rosenthal Shell & Mellow View now

    Shell & Mellow

    The embrace is one of the most beautiful expressions of love. It is a delicate gesture, bestows a feeling of security and is a sign of appreciation. The classic German Shell Dining Chair embodies these ideas all in one chair and wraps itself around the contours of the body with ...

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  • Rosenthal Stage View now


    Stage offers the perfect stage for comfort fans and design lovers looking for individuality and functionality. The pleasantly soft upholstery, the extensive choice of exquisite materials and elegant leather, and the extremely changeable nature of the piece make this multi-talented sofa the ideal accompaniment - from small studio apartments right up ...

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  • Rosenthal Up & Down View now

    Up & Down

    Matte and shiny, soft and structured – Up & Down plays with all the senses just like good porcelain. Its well-balanced combination of harmonious curves and different cover types as well as the finest materials send your fingers on a never-ending voyage of discovery. The retractable, contoured back rest underlines ...

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