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NEW: Junto Soft Shell & Rose Quartz

Plate deep 22 cm Junto Rose Quartz
€ 21.00*
Plate 16 cm flat Junto Rose Quartz
€ 13.00*
Plate 16 cm flat Junto Soft Shell
€ 13.00*
Bowl 22 cm Junto Soft Shell
€ 62.00*
Bowl 19 cm Junto Rose Quartz
€ 49.00*
Plate 22 cm Junto Soft Shell
€ 19.00*

»Junto« connects people and their love of good food from all over the world, skilfully picks up on the trend for sharing and, with a talent for combining, creates a greater sense of togetherness at the table. Subtle details and a natural, handcrafted look with muted colours and organic shapes make »Junto« unmistakable.

This year, the Junto collection is extended with »Soft Shell« and »Rose Quartz«, two new exciting colours that bring the culinary flair of the world to our table...


Junto porcelain: Soft Shell

The elegant »Soft Shell« colour is a melange of delicate rosé, fine violet and cool grey. The new »Junto« colour 2021 is an integral part of trendy interiors and gives the collection a sophisticated modernity. »Soft Shell« can be mixed freely with existing colours without losing its independence.

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Junto stoneware: Rose Quartz

The porcelain glaze »Soft Shell« is joined by »Rose Quartz« and impresses with a fascinating and lively interplay of different shades of rosé in ever new facets and shapes. Like the other colours inspired by nature, »Rose Quartz« is a tribute to rose quartz, which, as a gemstone, is primarily intended to strengthen the emotional side of the human being. On the table, »Rose Quartz« unfolds its effect as a strong, natural tone that blends harmoniously with the warm and cool nuances of the »Junto« collection.

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The new colours »Soft Shell« and »Rose Quartz« are given a dramatic depth by a combination with the dark »Slate Grey«...


Solo artist: »Rose Quartz« is a real eye-catcher even without accompaniment!

On a culinary world tour
with Sabine Hueck

© Video by Perola Filmes

Some of you will certainly remember Sabine Hueck, the lively and energetic cook, cookbook author and owner of Atelier Culinário in Berlin. She has designed refined dishes for Rosenthal several times and staged them beautifully on »Junto«. This year too, Sabine Hueck has taken the new Junto décors on a culinary journey. In her luggage on her return: atmospheric images that awaken in us a longing for summer, good food with friends and joie de vivre!


If you've worked up an appetite...


...then you should take a look at our Junto-Special! Here you can also discover great recipes by Sabine Hueck!

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