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Finest Porcelain & Sensuous stoneware

Taste your life - with »Junto« by Rosenthal! »Junto« excites with its modern colours and new design. This porcelain is captivating in its unrivalled shape and iridescent colours. That’s why we want to surprise you culinary as well: we have cooked, fried, baked, decorated and even gardened for you, meaning we can serve you delicious recipes on »Junto«. Sebastian Copien and Sabine Hueck, professional chefs from the international cooking and food scene, were with us, not just letting us have a look into their culinary saucepans but sharing insights about their lives, cooking philosophies and visions. Get ready and – Taste your life!


The exceptional charm of the Junto reactive glaze lies in the unique appearance of each item. Caused by a thin layer of glaze, especially the edge zones appearing with a semi-gloss, dark sheen. Depending on the shape, entirely unique speckled structures form on the ceramic surface.


The specially developed colour glaze lets the characteristic diamond relief appear in an exciting contrast of light and dark, lending these hand-glazed products a unique colour progression.

Sensual ceramics with a trendy hand-made look, matte earthy colours, fine porcelain with asymmetric shapes - subtly melting into one: Junto! The individual, precise and simple shapes that change their colour nuances depending on the lighting angle, are attractive for aesthetics and minimalists alike, promising a modern frame for creative dishes. Cleverly designed by Gianpietro Tonetti and Mario Padiglione, the different combinations of the individual items allow an imaginative mixture that seemingly keeps re-inventing this crockery.

Bowl 15 cm Junto Aquamarine
€ 18.00*
Plate 16 cm flat Junto Opal Green
€ 13.00*
Plate 27 cm flat Junto Aquamarine
€ 29.00*
Plate 32 cm Junto Ocean Blue
€ 37.00*
Plate 22 cm Junto Ocean Blue
€ 19.00*
Creamer Junto Pearl Grey
€ 31.00*
Bowl 15 cm Junto Pearl Grey
€ 18.00*
Bowl 8 cm Junto Bronze
€ 10.00*
Plate 30 cm flat Junto Bronze
€ 37.00*
Bowl 8 cm Junto Slate Grey
€ 10.00*

Large and small bowls, mugs, cups and a variety of multifunctional plates and platters allow you to serve a wide variety of dishes and invite people to your table. Junto is available in five porcelain glazes: »Soft Shell«, »Opal Green«, »Ocean Blue«, »Pearl Grey« und »White« with an intricate diamond relief. The porcelain is complemented by ceramics in the colours »Rose Quartz«, »Aquamarine«, »Alabaster«, »Bronze« and »Slate Grey« as well as wooden accessories made from American white oak. With its low-key design, Junto is a symbol of a stylish table where enjoyment and eating together are centre stage.

Finest porcelain with a delicate diamond relief ...


Soft Shell


Pearl Grey


Opal Green


Ocean Blue




meets sensual ceramics with a unique reactive glaze!


Rose Quartz






Slate Grey



At home in the kitchens of the world

Before we can serve the food, we have to cook it. We have stewed, baked, fried and barbecued for you. Go to the Soul Food, Green Food, Sea Food and Fire Food categories where we will surprise you with recipes from international professionals in the culinary and food scene who are passionate about these food trends. You will also get to find out more about these fascinating people – we chat to them in person about their career, philosophy, likes and visions. We want to inspire you – Taste your life!

That's how food bloggers style Junto

"How would you stage Junto?" we asked the creative minds behind two well-known online food & lifestyle blogs and Instagram accounts. The visual answers are as diverse and versatile as the collection itself. Here you can get to know the influencers, what inspired them, and what experiences they made with Junto. In addition we serve beautiful pictures, which are sure to make your mouth water ...

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Porcelain is a very tactile product. This is true of »Junto« thanks to the diamond relief of the porcelain pieces and the numerous possible combinations of different colours, shapes and materials make it even more so. Therefore, you should get to know »Junto« from a specialist retailer in your area and find out which porcelain and ceramic variations, which colour combinations and which pieces of the collection are most suitable for your individual needs. Only stockists that have »Junto« in their range are listed on the map. We have also included the gastronomic establishments where you can dine with »Junto«. We hope you enjoy the »Junto« experience!

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