Lisa Nieschlag and Julia Cawley
from Liz & Jewels

Liz & Jewels
Two kitchens – one shared passion

Liz & Jewels alias Lisa Nieschlag and Julia Cawley started blogging as two girls cooking on two continents when Jewels moved to New York a few years ago. Now they’re on one continent again, even one country: Liz is in Münster and Jewels in Hamburg.

Liz & Jewels love working together on cookbooks, magazine spreads, workshops and other food projects. The blog will keep them connected – wherever they live! The challenges: Every week they meet each other virtually for a food challenge. They cook or bake the exact same recipe, then style and photograph it, and post it on their blog. It is fun to see how different the results usually are! Readers worldwide follow every week‘s challenge to see what happens when two girls cook the same dish in two kitchens.

A delicious summer fairytale

At the foto production with Junto the two food professionals played with an exciting light / dark contrast: Jewels arranged delicious cherry galettes with marzipan flakes apon a midnight blue underground to create a true midsummer night's dream. Liz arranged a juicy strawberry galette on Junto and created with strawberry greens and daisies the radiant counterpart of a bright summer's day. We think: just delicious! For the recipes please click here.


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Barbara Dangl
from mintnmelon

Personal Food & Lifestyle Blog

The blog mintnmelon is the home of all the ideas and interests that the warm Austrian Barbara Dangl, called Babsi, would like to share with other people. The personal food & lifestyle blog is conducted with love, heart and passion.

The love for food and cooking was laid into Barbara's cradle by her mother : "In our home was always cooked and eaten what the region and season had to offer, and that applies to me to this day."

Smoothiebowl & Cake

If you start the day with a healthy breakfast, you can treat yourself to something later – a delicious berry cake, for example! Babsi presents the fruity start to the day on Junto Slategrey: the delicious smoothie bowl provides energy and plenty of antioxidants. The beautifully summery coffee table with berry pie is perfectly staged on Junto Opal Green. When is the next train to Vienna ...?


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Britta & Svenja
from Klara & Ida

Klara & Ida
Food photography & aesthetic cuisine

What's the best way to combine a passion for excellent food, cooking, food photography and copywriting? By founding an (online) magazine. Klara & Ida was born with this idea. In real life the two sisters are called Britta and Svenja. As a photographer for food, drinks and interior Svenja prepares beautiful photos. Britta develops the appropriate texts and further content. With a lot of love for photography and content creation they create unique content for their blog and our social media channels.

Why Klara & Ida? "Both names have been anchored in our family for several generations - with mother, grandmother and great-grandmother and now also with daughter and niece. Since neither of us carries one or the other name, we decided to continue the family heritage in this way."

Enjoy with friends & family

With Junto the two sisters created a table scene which radiates a friendly sociability thanks to the combination of different bowls and plates. The mix of the three summery colours Opal Green, Aquamarine and Ocean Blue creates a charming light / dark contrast that skilfully stages the fruity treats.


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Olga Löffler
from Munich.with.us

Little moments of happiness

Olga Löffler from Munich.with.us reports in her blog about the most beautiful places mainly in Munich, but also worldwide.

Less is more

That Junto works in everyday life and is perfectly suited for every dish and occasion due to its sophisticated surfaces and mix-and-match skills, Olga Löffler shows directly on her dining table: the round tabletop is the canvas, on which Junto unfolds its silent magic. Here she combines Junto in various sizes, colours and finishes to create a harmonious ensemble.


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