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Kitchen by Thomas - Design for Function!

The new Thomas Series, »Kitchen by Thomas« promises a whole lot of fun, design and function for the kitchen. And because we spend so much time in the kitchen – not just eating, but also preparing meals – Thomas is now brightening up the most important room in the home with functional and high-quality products. As usual Thomas is delightfully uncomplicated and practical. The new range centres around cooking and the kitchen, taking in all three essential kitchen themes: preparation, enjoyment and storage.


The timeless, sleek design of these products is combined with a vibrant mix of materials. Each material – whether porcelain, wood, glass, metal or silicone – demonstrates its individual strengths in functionality and aesthetic. The green and grey colours make a statement and successfully round off the range. Attractive, functional, high-quality – the extensive and homogenous Thomas kitchen series: once again, Thomas is helping to make everyday life a little more beautiful!

Salt- & peppermill

Steamlessly from coarse to fine thanks to the high-quality ceramic Crushgrind grinder. The salt mill comes in traditional white and is in clear contrast to the black pepper mill. This mini-series also includes containers for vinegar and oil, as well as trays (for 2 to 4 articles) that instantly turn the individual pieces into a useful table set. Special bonus: the mills are also suitable for grinding herbs and dried spices

Food Container

These attractive food containers are real all-rounders: When sealed they are aroma-tight and therefore perfectly suited to storing and keeping food fresh. They are stackable and available in various sizes. The box is available in porcelain or glass, so that you can choose whether the contents are visible or UV-protected when stored. The porcelain lid includes a green silicone ring and a grey sealing ring so that you can choose your individual colour preference.


Questionnaire to Nicol Boyd & Tomas Rosén

Where is your favourite place in the kitchen?

N.B.: my favourite spot in my kitchen is definitely the kitchen table. It is a focal point in my home and is used for everything, eating, drinking, socialising, working, preparing food, cooking, and just generally handing around. The table itself is mobile, it slides along the length the kitchen worktop so can be used in many different positions depending on what you are doing. I like the informality and flexibility that this affords. Another I also like the hidden corners the kitchen which often reveal secrets, messy kitchen drawers in people‘s homes have been a repeated source of inspiration over the years.

Plain or playful?

N.B.: Neither. I‘m interested in things which are simple, yet have character. I don‘t think items in the home should necessarily be fun or playful as such, ideally they should be intelligent and engaging and should, on occasion, make you smile.

What are your thoughts behind this selection?

T.R.: The choice of materials is driven by several factors, which we try to carefully balance. There are of course functional considerations,

such as whether a material is water proof, heat resistant, durable etc. Then there are also production constraints, which the end user may never consider, but that will have an impact on the manufacturing processes, logistics and ultimately the final cost of an object. An ever growing concern is also environmental issues that are closely linked on the materials used. And finaly we always consider the cultural context in which a product exists and the emotional response it evokes. Certain shapes, materials, colours and finishes are better suited when it comes to food, cooking and the kitchen. As a general rule we always try to be as honest as possible when it comes to the use of materials in our designs.

What do you think makes the Thomas Brand special?

T.R.: To us, Thomas represents good quality, everyday kitchen essentials and in particular porcelain products that combine affordability and durability, as well as striking the right balance between novelty and tradition. As a brand of the company Rosenthal, Thomas is also an essentially German brand with a proud manufacturing and design heritage. We envision anyone buying a Thomas product to be using it for years, if not decades.


Questionnaire to Johanna Kleinert

Where is your favorite place in the kitchen?

J.K.: The dining table: Finally I can sit down and enjoy the fruit of my work.

Plain or playful?

J.K.: For me: A playful mix of plain favorite pieces.

Porcelain, wood, silicone, glass – a fashionable and creative mix of materials. Which materials define your kitchen?

J.K.: Definitetly: Porcelain and wood. Porcelain is simply elegant and delicate – and at the same time strong and durable. For cutting, I like to use wooden cutting boards. And I love my old teapot made out of glass – it’s a design by Heinrich Loeffelhardt.

Which dish do you like cooking most and is there anything you enjoy more if it has been prepared by somebody else?

J.K.: I love cooking pasta dishes – most delicious with a lot of vegetables and cheese.

When I’m at my parents’ house, I love to eat the “Sauerbraten” prepared by my mum. This is a typical dish in southwestern Germany, where I come from.

What do you think makes the Thomas Brand special?

J.K.: Thomas has already a long history full of thougthful design . Often when I go to fleamarkets, I see an especially well designed cup – in most of the cases there’s “Thomas” written on the bottom.

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