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Junto Collection

Finest Porcelain & Sensuous Stoneware


The exceptional charm of the Junto reactive glaze lies in the unique appearance of each item. Caused by a thin layer of glaze, especially the edge zones appearing with a semi-gloss, dark sheen. Depending on the shape, entirely unique speckled structures form on the ceramic surface.


The specially developed colour glaze lets the characteristic diamond relief appear in an exciting contrast of light and dark, lending these hand-glazed products a unique colour progression.

»Junto« will surprise you. Rosenthal’s new tableware collection boasts a handmade look, quite naturally uniting sensual ceramic in matt earthy tones and fine porcelain with asymmetrical forms. The 46 different pieces can be combined in number of ways – a creative mix, which keeps on reinventing itself. Large and small bowls, small pots and plates are perfect for serving all kinds of dishes to your loved ones sitting around the table. »Junto« is available in three porcelain series in the beautiful hand-glazed hues »Ocean Blue«, »Pearl Grey« and »White«, boasting a delicate diamond relief. The porcelain is complemented by two stoneware series in »Bronze« and »Slategrey« as well as with wood accessories crafted from American White Oak. Here, we present all the collections.

The deep blue colour of the hand glazed »Ocean Blue« porcelain series radiates a sublime peace. The diamond relief emerges as an exciting contrast and gives everything an unsuspected vitality - like waves that bring a sparkle to the surface of the ocean.

View the Ocean Blue Porcelain Collection


Porcelain in the »Ocean Blue« colour can perfectly complement the warm earth tones of the Junto stoneware series in »Bronze« and »Slategrey« combinations. The contrast creates a warm, modern look.


Many pieces in the »Junto« porcelain series also feature the diamond relief pattern on the base.

The charm of this ceramic series lies in the individual appearance of each article. A special reactive glaze conjures distinctive, spike like structures on the surface. The colour »Bronze« is warm and cosy and is both a great complement to the porcelain series and a strong soloist.

View the Bronze Ceramics Collection


The ceramic pieces in »Bronze« colour radiate warmth and comfort.


The warm bronze of the ceramic parts is a great contrast point to the three porcelain series in the colours »Ocean Blue«, »Pearl Grey« and »White« – but the series is also eye-catching when used solo.

The ultra-modern and almost magical effect of the dark, matte glazed ceramic series »Slategrey« provides a dramatic performance for the dishes served on them. Especially the edge zones appear through a thinner glaze layer in a matte, dark lustre.

View the Slategrey Ceramics Collection


The ceramic series in dark glazed »Slategrey« reveals its talent as a soloist.


The dramatically dark surface is thus a spectacular backdrop...


for the dishes prepared for it, whether sushi, vegetables, fish or meat!

As an atmospheric complement to the »Junto« porcelain and ceramic series, there are three organically shaped trays in different sizes and heights in American white oak, which are perfect for the presentation of sushi and finger foods or the elegant setting out of different dip bowls and bowls.

View wood accessories from White Oak

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