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Junto Friends


Laughing together, talking about the day, enjoyment: eating in company is much more fun and is actually also healthier. Many people long for a consciously celebrated meal with meaningful conversations. Cooking, dinner and cooking classes are as popular as ever and create new ties and friendships around the dining table. In the following weeks, we will introduce you to our »Junto Friends«: gastronomists, cooks, food bloggers and lifestyle experts whose passion is the »Junto« motto "Taste your life" - good food in good company. We hope you have a lot of fun with the »Junto Friends«!

Casual and uniquely versatile: Junto sets the table with


For interior expert Jasmin from the blog "elbmadame", there is no right or wrong with regard to the setting of a large dining table. It includes creative ideas and casual arrangements. Which colours do you use with what accessories, which little helpers complement the table and why a plate also belongs on the wall, can be found on her blog.

Junto at elbmadame

Green Food meets Fire Food implemented by the


Food blogger Conny especially bought a new cupboard for the diversity of »Junto« - she was so impressed by the new series. In her blog, she cooks a dinner for friends and conjures up three delicious appetisers dedicated to healthy, light, Green Food cuisine as well as a delicious juicy tomahawk steak with sweet potato puree as the main course, all served on »Junto«.

To Connys posts and recipes

Sea Food Creations at the


Rosenthal organised a dinner with friends, together with Deutsche See and other renowned cooperative partners and chefs. The guests of the "Tischrevolte" from the "Bullerei" kitchen team, the hip Tim Mälzer restaurant in the old slaughterhouse in Hamburg, were indulged with fine dining.

The concept store "The Box" provided the perfect setting for the event. The diverse fish dishes and specialities, such as the finest Ikarimi salmon from Norway or Argentinian red prawns, were prepared and served on »Junto«. So, nice all round: not only completely new sea food creations, but also a lot of good contacts.

See more under the #tischrevolte on Instagram

You can also find Junto near you!

Porcelain is a very tactile product. This is true of »Junto« thanks to the diamond relief of the porcelain pieces and the numerous possible combinations of different colours, shapes and materials make it even more so. Therefore, you should get to know »Junto« from a specialist retailer in your area and find out which porcelain and ceramic variations, which colour combinations and which pieces of the collection are most suitable for your individual needs.

Only stockists that have »Junto« in their range are listed on the map. We have also included the gastronomic establishments where you can dine with »Junto«. We hope you enjoy the »Junto« experience!

your life


Junto is available here and at selected retailers!

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