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by Studio Dror

Vase of Phases



The Art of Phases

A femininely shaped vase forms the basis, which then - in line with the artist’s intent – steps into an experimental phase, where it is then shattered. Hereby it becomes rougher, seductive, sharp and compelling. These changes are made visible through blurred cracks and smoothed creases in the “broken” object. The “Vase of Phases” therefore comes with a new kind of beauty, which yields traces of the three phases that it has gone through. The »Vase of Phases« is available in black or white.

The Designer

Dror Benshetrit

Dror Benshetrit

Dror Benshetrit is the initiator and proprietor of “studio dror”, a product and interior design studio and creative consultancy in New York. He studied art and design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and the Center for Art Education at Tel Aviv Museum of Art. This multicultural training enabled him to develop his own unique style of design that can be seen in every project conceived by “studio dror”.

Dror realised projects for Yigal Azrouel, Inc. (New York), Kiehl’s (New York), Material ConneXion (New York), Edelkoort Studio (France) and Trend Union (France).

To understand Dror Benshetrit’s work, one needs to grasp the logic and thought processes that underlies his style. His focus is mainly on innovations that emerge through new uses of materials, technology and forms, whereby he also deals with the origin of motion. He coaxes new forms out of traditional materials and constantly varies and reinterprets techniques to spectacular effect. The development of his “Vase of Phases” has thus gone through several stages of formation.

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