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Natural beauty

Bungalow 5

Interior blogger Allan Torp started his blog "Bungalow 5" in 2010 with the intention to create a platform for the simple, bright and Scandinavian look, which is known throughout the world. His blog offers access to comprehensive news, interviews and reviews within the creative world, covering design, architecture, travel, art, events and more. Today, he dedicates most of his time to the blog and works freelance with a range of Danish design brands and magazines.

For his interpretation of »Mesh« he decided to combine the colour "Forest" with the warm tones "Walnut" and "Cream". An opulent floral arrangement over the table picks up on the botanic trend and creates a warm, natural setting.

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Strong contrasts

She comes in black

Jaqueline Petrich writes in her fashion & lifestyle blog mainly about fair fashion but also abtout topics like traveling with dogs and her favorite cafes and restaurants from around the world. Her style is clean, minimalist and monochrome: she loves black.

The green-black hue "Forest" fits in perfectly with her concept and so we were able to get her to stage »Mesh« for us. The result is a stunning high-contrast "black-and-white" look on several levels, which impresses with its strict shapes and clarity through the combination of the colours "Forest" and "Mesh White" as well as the use of round and angular plates and bowls.

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Quiet Poem

Matilde Minauro is a photographer based in Florence, Italy. Introduced to photography through the work and influence of her grandfather, she owned her first camera at age 8. Her studies in architecture influence her photographic style significantly, and this is evident in her use of lines and light as expressive languages. Matilde uses the lens not only to frame the image, but to give it a soul - a profound element in her approach that allows her to translate everything into a poetic composition.

Her love for clean lines is also evident in her geometric-looking setting of »Mesh Forest«: on the stage of her round dining table, she presents a strict arrangement of angular plates, rectangular plates and bowls of different sizes, complemented by some oval bowls...

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Colour harmony

Happy Interior

When Igor Josif started his blog "Happy Interior" in 2011, his main mission was to bring more happiness to our homes and lives. Little has changed ever after. He strongly believes that "home" is not a simple space – it is our personal haven, a visual identity of ourselves, and a shelter to nourish our happiness. His blog focuses on interior design and decoration ideas for happy homes, it showcases the beauty of our world and the inspiration brought back home through travels, and it highlights the beauty and beneficial power of houseplants.

Not least because of his passion for plants, he was immediately drawn to the new botanical-sensual tone "Mesh Forest". He combined the dark drama of the colour with the fresh hue "Aqua" and a dash of "Cream". The new rim plates he decided on bring out the harmonious play of colours beautifully, creating the perfect setup for a cozy get-together.

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