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Leaves and blossoms are the central elements when Regula Stüdli creates her designs. For over a decade, she delighted the customers of a renowned textile manufacturer with her passion for all things floral. At Rosenthal, her porcelain patterns »Fleurs Sauvages« and »Pink Rose« quickly became bestsellers. With her new creation »Les Fruits du Jardin«, she satisfies our yearning for southern climes. In our interview, the Swiss designer speaks about her design concept, her childhood and her love of nature.


Regula Stüdli is one of the best-known Swiss textile designers. After studying at the University of Art and Design in Zurich, she then went on to work in creative design for over a decade in St. Gallen at the renowned textiles company Jakob Schlaepfer. She has been creating designs for Rosenthal since 2012. She lives and works as a freelance designer in the Swiss Lake Constance region.

Nature plays a prominent role in your works. How do you explain your personal fondness of everything floral?
Back when I was a child, I spent a lot of time surrounded by nature. We had our own garden, grew our own vegetables and marvelled at the lush blossoms. My former boss at the renowned textiles company Jakob Schlaepfer in St. Gallen also kept wonderful flower beds that inspired me tremendously. He encouraged my affinity for everything floral. I was able to develop my own style there, too.

Flowers are your main subject matter. What fascinates you about them and do you have a special affinity to one flower in particular?
I have a tremendous respect for nature in general. Flowers really catch the eye with their geometry, their interplay of light and shade and their colour nuances, which are forever changing as the sun’s rays shift. I have a particular passion for red poppies. As a pioneering plant, it was one of the first to conquer fallow lands and barren soils. Although they are modest, poppies are enchanting with their intense colours and fragile blossoms.

Do you associate any particular memories with Rosenthal?
I grew up with the Rosenthal »Lotus« set by Björn Wiinblad. My mother would bring the crockery to the table on special occasions. I love meaningful rituals.

How do you develop your dreamlike floral arrangements?
I capture the wonder of nature with my camera, edit the pictures later on using the computer and then piece together intensely colourful still-life designs. It is extremely important to me that I not only capture the beauty of the plants in my compositions but also create an intense atmosphere. In their short life-span, flowers are constantly changing in their colour and appearance. I strive to incorporate these moments of flowers coming out, blossoming and dying off into my designs.

Once I have chosen the flower images, I merge them together into a new design to create an original expression – it is a type of dialogue between me and the pictures, a meandering process.

What did you attach importance to above all else when you designed the mug collection »Belles Fleurs«?
Flowers and blossoms are the focal point of the new, individual bone china mug collection. The design is intended to include modern elements and broaden the stylistic canon. An element of surprise was important for me with this piece. The handles of the “Belles Fleurs” bone china mugs feature a contrasting, geometric pattern depicting delicate flower and blossom arrangements. Yellow, coral, red–violet, rose, green and blue set the overall colour tone. Four matching scented candles with seasonal scents round off the collection. They appeal to the senses and immediately transport us to a flowering paradise.

What inspired you to use lemons in the new design »Les Fruits du Jardin«?
I have wonderful memories of a holiday I took to the island of Procida in the Mediterranean. The lemon groves, the lush vegetation and the deepblue sea left a profound impression on me. Lemons, laurels and palm leaves are fantastic central elements to go along with the blossoms. Every time I look at the collection now, this warm, sensuous design takes me back to the Mediterranean atmosphere that I experienced on that island – it is the ideal set for indoors and outdoors.

Naturally, you must also place great value on a stylish table in your own home when you entertain guests. Tell us how you decorate the table?
I arrange small still-life designs inspired by the time of year. In my opinion, the crockery must stand alone. In my home in Thurgau near Lake Constance, I like to mix »TAC« with precious old glassware that once belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother.

Smart Travelling

Regula Stüdli’s secret tips on her home country, the canton of Thurgau on the Swiss side of Lake Constance.

  • Shopping: Seasonal flowers and plants as well as selected furniture pieces and accessories are presented with a focus on delicate colour combinations at Gingko shop in Amriswil.
    Delicious quiches, cakes and more are served at the restaurant Cartonage in the neighborhood.
  • Culture: The Thurgau Art Museum is housed in a former monastery. Art is intensely brought to life in this historic building, which is surrounded by magnificent gardens. Nowadays, the Ittingen Charterhouse contains an excellent hotel, two museums and a restaurant.
  • Eating and sleeping: The former military canteen (picture) in Kreuzbleichepark is the new hotspot in the tranquil city of St. Gallen. The listed building, which once housed the officer’s quarters and was built in around 1900, has been stylishly renovated and since last year has been home to an iconic hotel and restaurant. Food is served in the canteen from early in the morning to late in the evening. The 21 rooms boast a unique view over the city. Finnish designer Jukka Murto, who runs a showroom for select Scandinavian vintage design in Zurich (Nord3), gave it a stripped down, Nordic look.

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