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Cleaning & Care: Pots and Pans

Prior to first use wash your pot or pan thoroughly in hot sudsy water. Please read the instructions for use carefully.

Never place empty pots or pans on a hot stove and never let them remain there when empty. Both, utensil and the stove may be damaged due to overheating. Always add salt or concentra ted stock by stirring it into the hot water. To avoid pitting, never store salted water or highly salted food in your pot or pan.

Clean slightly soiled pots and pans with a normal dish-washing detergent. Never use sharp utensils such as knives, steel wool, or copper rags to clean heavily soiled pots or pans. Fill the pot or pan with water and let it soak, then clean it with Inox Cleaner (stainless steel). »Genio« pots and pans are suited for dish washers. However, if you clean your pots and pans regularly in the dish washer, the plastic handles and knobs will loose their sheen and colour. Discolourations are easily cleaned with SPRING Inox Cleaner. Inox Cleaner is also ideally suited to remove lime deposits.

Stainless steel cookware

The cookware is manufactured with the finest stainless steel and its thermoradiant sandwich bottom is perfect for use on any type of stove, whether gas, electric, glass ceramic cooking surface as well as induction. Before use wash in warm soapy water, rinse and dry. Never place empty cookware on a heating element. Do not allow gas flames to go up the sides of the pan. Heat pan up gradually and reduce heat when water boils. The thermoradiant bottom will keep uniform temperature inside the pan. When using salt, wait until the water is boiling to add it and allow it to completely dissolve. Salt deposited may react chemically and electrolytically causing pitting in the stainless steel. When washing do not use detergents containing chlorine, for example bleach, as they may corrode stainless steel. Avoid strong hits and thermal shocks. Do not cool it down suddenly.  Do not use salty foods or containing lemon, vinegar, tomatoes to store. To remove halos due to overheating clean it with a specific stainless steel claner only. To remove white chalk deposits in the cookware, boil water with vinegar, leave it until it gets cool and then wash it normally.


Cookware made of cast iron: first use & maintenance

Terra.Cotto cast iron cookware is suitable for all types of heat sources: gas, electric and induction stovetops, as well as gas, oil, coal, or wood ovens. It is not microwace safe. Before using, thoroughly wash the cookware with hot water and soap, rinse off and dry. Never leave your empty cast iron cookware on hot surfaces. When cooking with gas, do not let the flame extend beyond the edges of the cookware, and during cooking, be sure to handle the pot or pan using potholders or an oven mitt. As soon as contents begin to boil, reduce the heat because thermal conductivity of cast iron allows cooking heat to last for a long time. This will save energy and allow your dish to be cooked on low heat. Always let the cookware cool before washing it. These casserole dishes, pans and flat griddles are dishwasher safe thanks to a special enameling technology.

Operating and Maintenance Instructions 'Terra.Cotto'

Following a few simple steps will ensure that your Terra.Cotto cookware will last a lifetime:

Prior to first use completely submerge your cookware, including the cover, in lukewarm water and leave to soak for at least 12 hours. Leave it to dry, with its bottom facing upwards. No need to wash by hand. All Terra.Cotto products are dishwasher safe. Terracotta cookware can be easily cleaned with hot water. This means that any grease that has been absorbed burnt on during cooking can easily be removed. Stubborn stains can be removed using either hot water, baking soda or a commercial detergent. Using a cleaning sponge is possible because the pots are coated internally with a scratch-resistant glaze. However, repetitive and vigorous scouring and scrubbing with steel wool should be avoided. It is extremely important to leave the cookware to dry completely and with the bottom facing upwards.

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