Rosenthal meets Versace Novelties 2022

Discover Rosenthal meets Versace novelties 2022, which are once again significantly inspired by the latest fashion trends of the luxury brand Versace.

Medusa Amplified

With the new colourful and lively reinterpretation of the iconic Medusa head, the Medusa Amplified collection pays tribute to Versace's trademark with its short sets.

Colour up your table!

The bright pink, orange, blue and green colours of the Versace Medusa combined with the classic meandering gold band create a modern reinterpretation of the typical Versace design without losing its classic charm.

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Medusa Amplified Multicolour

Donatella Versace's love of music and hip-hop forms the basis for the new Medusa Amplified Multicolour gift collection. The Medusa head transforms into a music icon in bold expressive colours. 

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