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Rosenthal Novelties 2023

Discover this year's Rosenthal novelties. Whether sun-kissed stoneware, cherished Rosenthal angels, knotted porcelain or dreamy romance - our new creations are as versatile as their applications.


Junto Dune

Introducing the new Junto Stoneware colour Dune - characterized by the broad, sharply outlined contours of windswept sand slopes. The calm and unobtrusive beige of this colour brings to mind sun-drenched landscapes and hot sand, perfectly complementing the natural and handmade character of the Junto shapes. The colour glaze is specially developed to enhance the sensuality of the stoneware material, giving the plates, cups, bowls, and dishes a unique colour gradient.

Discreetly sensual

The Junto collection offers a versatile and natural style for modern dining with limitless possibilities. The Dune series blends seamlessly with the collection, allowing you to mix and match according to your mood.

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Surprisingly versatile

TAC Allround Plate & Bowl

Inspired by the Bauhaus style, the new Allround plate and the versatile salad bowl embody simple elegance and material purism, but at the same time ensure optimal functionality.

The new Allround plate is neither flat nor deep, nor is it a bowl - rather, it is a vessel that meets people's needs and, above all, their changing eating habits. The multifunctional bowl is also a suitable salad bowl for all kinds of salads no matter the season.

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Maria Dream Blue

Timelessly beautiful and graceful in a dreamy pastel blue - the Rosenthal classic "Maria" presents itself as a dazzling style icon in 2023. In the new colour glaze, the mysterious blue picks up influences from fashion and the elegant interiors of the past and lends the geometric shape a captivating look: the collection evokes the bizarre and the impossible, stands for romance and true love, and represents the ongoing love story... of "Maria en Vogue".


Node Stripes

Intertwined shape, flowing lines, soft porcelain - the ingredients of the Node vase are simple, and the result is beguiling, even in the miniature version. At 12 cm, the table vases unfold a unique charm with their hand-painted stripe design. The fine lines underline the dynamic shape of a knot and give Node an elegant and fresh look. The colours certainly contribute to this: Mango, Blueberry, Plum and Apple awaken the desire for fruit ice cream and a summer feeling.

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Node Lava

Always a vase and always a sculpture - and yet Node's appearance varies depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The very lifelike reproduction of a knot has created an exciting, varied and asymmetrical design of this universal symbol. Now available in the discreetly elegant grey shade "Lava".

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Charming companions

Rosenthal Angels

The famous Rosenthal angels, made of the finest bisque, are expanded with new motifs and decoration ideas, such as candle holders and porcelain pendants. The lovely decorative items feature the new angels with a painter's palette, Bambi and flower wreath in three different sizes, making hearts sway as pretty gift ideas or collector's items.

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TAC Sensual

The cult object of design history, the TAC service by Walter Gropius, is receiving a new, modern colour look in 2023. The powdery nuances Gentle Grey and Comfort Blue have a sensual effect and give this legendary Rosenthal creation an almost poetic appearance. In the new calm colour variations, TAC appears stylishly serene while preserving the perfect functionality of the Bauhaus design.

TAC Festive Celebration

Decorative ornaments in noble gold, alluding to classic Rosenthal décors of past decades, adorn the strictly geometric Bauhaus designs and underline the reduced formal language of the TAC collection.

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