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The drinking glasses by Rosenthal studio-line: drinking pleasure at the highest level

  • Rosenthal studio-line František ViznerView now

    František Vizner - Rosenthal studio-line

    The collection »František Vízner« that bears his name was the artist’s last and has been awarded with several design awards, e.g. with the Best Design Award. The unique shape of the hand blown crystal glasses and the precisely cut pattern define this iconic design. Throughout his ...

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  • Rosenthal studio-line FugaView now

    Fuga - Rosenthal studio-line: design idea

    A classic design from the late 60’s: From the slender stem grows a tulip-shaped goblet. The shape of the glass set “Fuga” was awarded with the first Federal Award “good form”. It is an ideal glass for wine lovers. Ergonomically perfect, the stem lies well balanced in the hand ...

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  • Rosenthal studio-line MaitreView now

    Maitre - Rosenthal studio-line: drinking glass series at its finest

    Here, the function is pursued with unprecedented consistency by the form: each glass is precisely attuned to “its” drinks.

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  • Rosenthal studio-line TACView now

    TAC - Rosenthal studio-line: drinking glasses in classic Bauhaus style

    The simple, seemingly floating elegance provided by the crystal glass series “TAC” is aligned to the classic “TAC” service by Walter Gropius. The delicate, conically tapering glasses possess the formal strength and radiance of a design classic. Those closely involved with wine, automatically come across glass forms such as “TAC ...

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  • Rosenthal studio-line VeroView now

    Vero - Rosenthal studio-line: clear-cut, modern, uncomplicated tumbler design

    For each drink the right beaker. From appetizer, to long drink, to vodka glass, the hand-blown glass beakers serve their purpose perfectly and look really good. The design is a functional design statement: modern, uncomplicated, concise, masculine, handy, mature. You will part with “Vero” only for refills.

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