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Rosenthal meets Versace Novelties 2023

Discover Rosenthal meets Versace novelties 2023, which are once again significantly inspired by the latest fashion trends of the luxury brand Versace.

modern dininng

Le Jardin de Versace

Rosenthal meets Versace expands Le Jardin de Versace collection with new items for 2023. An enchanting décor depicts colourful flowers and cheerful butterflies in different variations and pastel colours. Shades of turquoise, red and gold adorn the coup plates, as well as small teapot and cups, in addition to bowls in various sizes – each reminiscent of French gardens and convey a spring-like lightness to the décor design of Le Jardin de Versace.

Glamorous garden party

Off into the countryside: when nature is in full bloom, a garden or park is the most beautiful setting for lively summer night parties.

Summer party means: draw from the full!

The Le Jardin de Versace collection tells of elegance and refinement, of a variety of colours and shapes, of bugs, butterflies and fruits. A porcelain as rich in detail and opulent as the royal gardens of Versailles. Most recently, the sophisticated service has become even more detailed. Grasshoppers, bees or dragonflies: New motifs give the design even more summery playfulness. 

Let yourself be whisked away to the secret gardens of Le Jardin de Versace. Have fun discovering them!

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limited edition

30 years Rosenthal meets Versace

Exciting news! Rosenthal meets Versace is marking its 30th anniversary with a fantastic limited edition collection. You can now get your hands on one of only thirty mugs, each featuring a unique and iconic design. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to own a piece of history from two legendary brands coming together in celebration!

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Dining Collection

La Greca Signature

The new La Greca Signature dining collection reflects the Versace's lifestyle in an extravagant colour combination of red and black. The décor is an extension of the La Greca motif and appears as a three-dimensional relief on high-quality porcelain. The subtle geometric ornaments are contrasted with black or white to create an effective illusionistic effect. Elegant Versace lettering adorns this sophisticated collection and is set on plates of various sizes in gold tone.

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exclusive collection

Medusa Tea Lights

The world of Rosenthal meets Versace, filled with sought-after objects of the highest quality and extravagance, is set to expand in 2023 with an exclusive collection of tea lights. Available in gold, silver, gold-silver as well as classic black, the tea lights are decorated with a filigree Medusa head.

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Medusa Red Modern Dining

Rosenthal meets Versace expands its world and presents the timeless Medusa Red décor in a new, modern edition that marks the 30th anniversary of the Versace and Rosenthal collaboration. Bright red, gold and black colourways flow in this classical décor and highlight its primary focus — a gold-tone Medusa head.

Surrounded by filigree Baroque details, the iconic symbol - placed centrally on the porcelain items - now adorns plates and bowls in various sizes, a small teapot and cups, giving the line an elegant finish.

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Medusa Garland

Red combined with green and gold tones, define the 2023 Rosenthal meets Versace festive Medusa Garland décor. Lavish baroque plants and flowers play the central role in this line – as an elaborate garland they entwine the glorious Medusa, iconic emblem of Versace. The delicate ornaments with Medusa medallions provide a velvety touch to the new collection, while mugs and other decorative items arrive in green and red tones.

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