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moments of pleasure for everyone


The WMF brand has been setting standards in cooking and enjoyment for over 170 years. Look forward to products whose excellent design, perfect functionality and top quality will whet your appetite for culinary experiences.


Preparing, cooking, eating and drinking - these are the four moments in which the WMF brand will make your everyday life that little bit more enjoyable. With WMF products, even the preparation is a pleasure. From preparation with precision-cutting kitchen knives, cooking with innovative cookware and eating with beautifully designed cutlery to electronic kitchen gadgets that make many a work step more pleasant, energy-saving and faster. Turn all these moments into something special with WMF.

The absolute highlight in the WMF range not only lets you start the day with absolute perfection: With the fully automatic coffee machines from the WMF Perfection series, you can bring the most precious things into your home - moments of perfect coffee enjoyment that belong only to you.


Tel.: +49 (0) 9287 / 50 09 002

Email: fil5708@wmf.de

WMF offers you almost all the kitchen gadgets...

that a well-equipped household needs today!

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