Morrison, Jasper

Morrison, Jasper


Jasper Morrison: The British designer Jasper Morrison (born 1959) is among the world’s foremost exponents of contemporary, puristic, functional design. He first came to the attention of the design world at the end of the 1980s with his ‘Exclamation Marks of Simplicity’. Perhaps no other contemporary designer embodies the term ‘minimalism’ more in their work than Jasper Morrison, whose creations are characterised by a deliberate, understated simplicity. His products are designed to be dependable and usable. In 1997, he created the Moon design for Rosenthal, which continues to be a worldwide bestseller.


  • Roter Punkt / red dot (1997) »Moon«
  • Internationaler Designpreis Baden Württemberg (1998) »Moon«
  • Roter Punkt / red dot (2002) »Moon C-Line«
  • Form 02 (2002) »Moon C-Line«
  • Die Gute Industrieform / iF (2002) »Moon C-Line«
  • Good Design Award (2003) »Moon Cova«

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