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Rosenthal designer

Andy Warhol


*1928 - †1987

Andy Warhol is a figurehead of American pop-art. According to his own definiton he called his works "reproductions of everyday things", which owe their effect to either enlargement, alienation effect of isolation or alignement of the motif. Since 2002 Rosenthal studio-line and the Rosenthal limited art edition have been celebrating his come-back with a marvellous own Warhol edition. In 1980 Warhol had made a portrait of Philip Rosenthal, next to other celebrities, - in 2003 this was reproduced as »Portrait Philip Rosenthal« within the edition "Hommage | Philip Rosenthal" in the limited art editions (49 pieces).

The following categories were created or inspired by the artist

  • Golden Angels
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Warhol Empire
  • Andy Warhol
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