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Rosenthal designer

Vogtherr, Burkhard



Burkhard Vogtherr is one of the leading German furniture designers. He deliberately limits his works to this field only, where he bundles all his thoughts. Amongst his international clientele are Arflex, Bushy, Lübke, Stilwood. Vogtherr has been working for the Rosenthal furniture line since 1971. He created the comprehensive furniture system »Hombre«, the upholstery lines »Vario Pillo«, »Dondolo«, »Family« and »Consenza«, moreover the sophisticated table »Ex-Center«, diverse chairs and last not least the series of vases »Kalathos«" for Rosenthal studio-line. Awards: - Ständige Produktschau Haus industrieform (1984) »Hombre« Regal

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