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Rosenthal designer

Cini Boeri



Cini Boeri is one of the most famous names in Italian design and she also made a name for herself as an architect. Technical and functional considerations are the starting point for her creations. The high aesthetic appeal of the furniture is a combination of factual-formal images with unconventional ideas. Boeri has been working for Rosenthal since 1980. In 1982 Boeri created the furniture programme »Prisma« which can be used as office furniture as well as furniture for the living areas. The strict geometrical design appears definitive and selfconfident, and at the same time the becel cuts convey the impression of lightness. »Ypsilon« from 1988 is a multifarious useable table, side- and highboard system whose special attraction lie in the almost spartanic fundaments and the luxuriously processed surfaces. Cini Boeri finished her previous collection in style with the exclusive furniture concept »me« in 2000. Awards: - Deutsche Auswahl (1985) »Prisma« - Roter Punkt / red dot (1987) »Ypsilon« - Design-Auswahl (1987) »Prisma« - Roter Punkt / red dot (1987) »Prisma« - Deutsche Auswahl (1988) »Prisma« - Roter Punkt / red dot (1989) »Ypsilon« Doppelcontainer - Roter Punkt / red dot (1989) »Ypsilon« Rundtisch - Roter Punkt / red dot (1989) »Ypsilon« Schreibtisch - Design-Auswahl (1990) »Ypsilon« Container - Design-Auswahl (1990) »Ypsilon« Glastisch - Design-Auswahl (1990) »Ypsilon« Möbelprogramm - Design-Auswahl (1990) »Ypsilon« Schreibtisch

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