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Rosenthal designer

Marcello Morandini



Marcello Morandini is one of the most important representatives of constructivist art. His fields of activity comprise design and architecture. He deals with geometric structures which he transforms into new shapes by means of motion and alteration. This representation of courses of motion opens up new perspectives and dimensions for the perception of the surrounding world. Morandini has been working for Rosenthal since 1979. Amongst his most famous works in the limited art edition are the sculptures »Onda costrutta« (100 pieces), the vase objects »Arcus« (200 pieces), »Movimento« (150 pieces) and as part of the "Hommage | Philip Rosenthal" collection the relief »Chapeau Philip« (49) and the chess game »Morandini« (99). In 1984 he designed the »Kunstdruck Nr. 1« for the »Paravent« of the Rosenthal furniture line. His furniture solitaires »Corner« made in 1985, available in three variants, either serve as partition for the purpose of interior design, as wall shelf or as display unit. In 1986 he created the facade of the Thomas am Kulm factory in Speichersdorf, in the following year the facade of the newly erected building of the headquarters "Spiegelhaus" (mirror house) in Selb. In 1990 he designed the shelf-system »Mobile« for Rosenthal furniture line. Awards: - Design-Auswahl (1986) »Corner« - Design-Auswahl (1987) »Serpentina« Vasen - Roter Punkt / red dot (1990) »Mobile« - Roter Punkt / red dot (1993) »Cambio« Besteck - Roter Punkt / red dot (1993) »Silenzio« (Fliesen)

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