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Rosenthal designer

Richard s. Latham


*1920 - †1991

Richard Latham was one of the prominent American designers of the 20th century. He studied with Mies van der Rohe, then he worked for Raymond Loewy. In 1955 he joined the design studio Latham / Tyler / Jensen as an associate. Amongst his clients were Ampex, Bang & Olufsen, Xerox. Latham started working for Rosenthal in 1954. In collaboration with Loewy he designed for Rosenthal studio-line the classic product range »2000« (porcelain and cutlery), the shape »Form E« and the series of glasses »Composition« and »Lotus«. Later on he designed the shape »T« and the successful »Flammfest« range for the brand Thomas. Awards: - Die Gute Industrieform / iF (1955) »2000« - Die Gute Industrieform / iF (1956) »2000« Ergänzungsteile - Premio Internazionale (1961) »2000« - Die Gute Industrieform / iF (1966) »2000« Besteck - Die Gute Industreiform / iF (1967) »Lotus Relief« Trinkglasserie - Die Gute Industrieform / iF (1982) »Lotus« Trinkglasserie

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