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Rosenthal designer

Dorothy Hafner



Dorothy Hafner is one of the most well reputed representatives of the avant-garde in the ceramic design business. Her works excel in a most successful synthesis of shape and pattern, which mirrors exactly the pulse of our contemporary age of the media. Hafner has been working for Rosenthal since 1982. She designed the shapes »Flash« and »Spirit« and several of the patterns on these. She also designed »Künstlerbezug Nr. 1« (cover) for the »Flying Carpet« for Rosenthal Einrichtung . Awards: - Westerwaldpreis für Keramik (1985) »Flash One« - Ceramics Contest (1986) »Flash One« - Design-Auswahl (1987) »Flying Carpet Künstlerbezug Nr. 1« - Design-Auswahl (1988) »Flash One« - Roter Punkt / red dot (1988) »Flash One« - Tabletop Award (1988) »Century New Wave

The following categories were created or inspired by the artist

  • Flash Love Story
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