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Rosenthal designer

Eugen Gomringer



Eugen Gomringer is a well-known representative of the Konkrete Poesie in the German speaking countries and also a major interpreter of the art of the 20th century. He found inspiration for his works in east Asia, where objects for daily use were often decorated with poems or proverbs. Gomringer was head of the Rosenthal office for cultural activities from 1967 to 1985. He also initiated the Rosenthal Feierabend. The artist plate "Der einfache Weg ist einfach der Weg" ("the simple way is simply the way") can be called his calling card at Rosenthal's. He also created the relief »Er gab immer dem Natürlichen den Vorzug« (49 pieces) for the limited art edition within the series "Hommage | Philip Rosenthal".

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