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Rosenthal designer

Fischer-Treyden, Elsa


*1901 - †1995

Elsa Fischer-Treyden was an artist and designer (she studied industrial design with Wagenfeld). Her work is clear and matter-of-fact and does justice to the art of production. Her design fulfills the demand for a fruitful collaboration of art, industry, craftsmanship and commerce. Fischer-Treyden worked for Rosenthal from 1952 until her death. Her famous works include the stemware series »Fuga«, the porcelain service »Fortuna« or the ceramic form »Favo«. Awards: - Die Gute Industrieform/iF (1957) »Fortuna« - Die Gute Industrieform/iF (1957) »Fortuna« Trinkglasserie - Medaglia d'Oro Triennale Mailand (1957) »Fortuna« - Die Gute Industrieform/iF (1967) Dose - Die Gute Industrieform/iF (1967) »L 060« Lampe - Die Gute Industrieform/iF (1967) Schale - Die Gute Industrieform/iF (1967) Vase - Die Gute Industrieform/iF (1969) »Fuga« Trinkglasserie - Bundespreis (1977) »Fuga« Trinkglasserie

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