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For 140 years Rosenthal has stood for art and design, superior craftsmanship and perfect porcelain. Quality, tradition, innovation and image. With its fascinating products, Rosenthal is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the spheres of fine dining arrangements and gift accessories.

Rosenthal Pricebook 2019 EUR (44.2 MB)

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Rosenthal Pricebook 2019 w/o Prices (44.0 MB)

Rosenthal meets Versace

When two powerful forces like Versace and Rosenthal meet, only the extraordinary can happen! Rosenthal with its international reputation for uniting tradition and innovation, and Vesace, with its own inimitable and expressive style, have developed tremendously elegant, luxurious and exciting tableware and gift collections. Inspiration for these collections is derived from the different cultures, spanning time, space and history.

Versace Pricebook 2019 EUR (16.4 MB)

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Hutschenreuther – the classy brand for lifestyle and pleasure makes you enjoy living with nature and in nature. Inspired by colours and forms of fauna and flora Hutschenreuther accompanies you with lovingly decorated porcelain through the year.

Hutschenreuther Pricebook 2019 EUR (83.5 MB)

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Founded in Marktredwitz, Upper Franconia, by Fritz Thomas in 1903, Rosenthal acquired the “F. Thomas, Marktredwitz porcelain factory” in 1908. In 1960 porcelain manufacturing was relocated from the factory in Marktredwitz to the newly-built Thomas am Kulm Factory in Speichersdorf, Upper Franconia, the façade of which had been decorated with geometrical patterns by Italian architect, Marcello Morandini.

Thomas Pricebook 2019 EUR (72.6 MB)

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Arzberg Pricebook 2019 EUR (69.8 MB)

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Rosenthal Hotel & Restaurant

Rosenthal HoReCa Catalogue (24.2 MB)


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