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The gift of mindfulness: Christmas gift ideas

For the friend who always listens, for the mum, that's always there. For granddad, carver of excellent walking sticks. It's not the WHAT that matters when giving a gift. It's the HOW and WHY. We want to appreciate so many dear people at the end of the year. For listening. For tagging along. For being and remaining. Whether a large gold vase or a little porcelain angel. Whether a candle holder or a table object. A gift says: I think of you. You are important to me. The joyful curiosity when unwrapping! The surprised delight when they discover it! This is the power of a gift: being mindful of those who are blessings in our lives. 

Given with love: small gift ideas for Christmas

up to 50 €

A cup full of joy

The MUG+

Every sip a celebration, a fleeting moment of pause in the whirl of holiday preparations.

With its matte finish and minimalist hues, The Mug+ is more than just a mug. It is a vessel for memories waiting to be made. A companion for quiet mornings by the window and evenings of contemplation by the fireplace.

24,50 € each

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Always appropriate: medium-sized gift ideas for Christmas

50 - 100 €

TAC Festive Celebration table light

It's not only the advent wreath that can make your Christmas time a little brighter and more beautiful. Candlesticks and candle holders also create an atmosphere at the table. In the flickering light, chairs are drawn together, and conversations become more intimate. Warm, cosy, sensual: the TAC Festive Celebration table light is not only an excellent match for the porcelain collection of the same name. It also enchants with its imaginative decor: treetops, twigs, branches - nature is an artist! Let's put her in the candlelight.

89,00 € each

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Unforgettable moments: grand gift ideas for Christmas

from 100 €

cosy moments

TAC White Tea Set

This Christmas gift is not just a tea set, but an invitation to enjoy the beautiful moments in life.

The set, consisting of a small teapot and two tea cups with saucers, promises moments of contemplation and inspires not only tea lovers.

175,00 € each set

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Happy holidays to you and your family!

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